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Dressing Business Casual – Are You Too Casual?

What is business casual? Business casual is the myth of working in comfort on Fridays. The problem is comfort has become careless, reckless and downright foolish.

Becoming a Unique Hair Stylist

If you are in a dead end job and are ready for a change, why not consider becoming a hair stylist? Becoming a hair stylist can be a great way to quickly make a good deal amount of money, while setting your own hours and tapping into your creative side that is so incredibly stifled by normal desk jobs.

Rock Your Interview

With the economy down in the dumps, many people are scrambling to find jobs. First, you have to create the “perfect” resume that shows you are dynamic, self-motivated, and a team player. However, these are terms that everyone might put on their equally as perfect resumes. After applying and securing an interview, it is this one-on-one interaction that can be your ticket to the job that you will love to do.

A Career in Industrial Security – Getting Started in a Defense Contractor Organization

How does one get into the security field. Many are looking for a career change and are curious about what kind of education and experience is needed to work as a security specialist in the defense and contractor industry.

My Very First Job – What Do You Learn?

The state of the current job market got my mind thinking about past job experience and what each one contributed to my ‘box of tools’ so to speak. Thinking back, that first paying job can set the stage for how you approach subsequent paid working positions. By sharing my own story, hopefully it will spark some productive thoughts of your own to customize your resume and make it stand out from the crowd!

There Are Only Two Reasons to Work More Than 40 Hours a Week – What’s Your Excuse?

The article narrows down two primary reasons people work long hours. It also suggests there is a high cost associated with long work hours. It is no surprise that many executives and business leaders work long hours, but why? Is it by choice, necessity or is there something else? According to a 2004 survey, over 60 percent of Americans work more than 40 hours a week, with about 40 percent exceeding 50 hours a week.

A Job Can Do it and a JOB Can Do It – The Issue is Which Does it Better?

Many are left up in the air as to what course to take financially. With the shaky and weak economy there is a great concern on how to make the money you need. Jobs are rare and in between. This article will address the options available to make money. Working as an employee or working as an entrepreneur…

Recruitment Specialists – Is Our Time Past?

Hundreds of internet based job sites such as Monster.com offer alternatives to job seekers to post their credentials to prospective organizations. LinkedIn and other business networking sites are faster and faster becoming preferred opportunities for individual to showcase their capabilities to each other in a networking forum.

All About Associates Degrees in Accounting

If you are looking to explore the field of accounting as a career option, then you can make your chances even better with an Associate’s Degree in Accounting. With this degree you can gain skills and knowledge that will get you an entry level position in the accounting arena within any organization.

Why Your Self-Assessment is Important and How to Do One

In days gone by, Performance Appraisals were a one-way street. Bosses ‘told’ their employees how they viewed their performance. And the review process ended there. It’s not like that nowadays because most employees are empowered to work independently and have executive powers to make decisions. This has meant that the modern manager cannot reliably assess the performance of their employees completely, so input is needed from the employee to make a fair and full assessment (as well as the views from other employees in the form of 360-degree feedback).

Ever Think About Leaving it All Behind? Well Don’t – It’s Still Business As Usual

Show me someone who hasn’t fantasized getting in the car and leaving it all behind and I’ll show you someone who doesn’t drive. The banks are a mess, credit is awful, the U.S auto industry is a mess, unemployment is climbing still, we’re all out of money, gas prices are on the rise again … oh yeah … and according to the G-8 Summit our planet is melting!

Top 10 Tips on Becoming a Police Officer

Think you have what it takes to successfully become a police officer? Take a list of 10 things you should be doing now if you are serious about becoming a police officer.

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