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Tips For Carrying Out a Mystery Shopping Assignment Successfully

Companies depend on mystery shoppers to get a feedback about their products and services. But sadly, most secret shoppers take this task casually.

Career and Life Advice – Turn Your Ideas Into Income

An old Irish Proverb states:You’ll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind. If you really despise your job or the way your life is heading you can turn your ideas into income. All it takes is some Imagination, Determination, Enthusiasm and Action. Well what are you waiting for?

Social Media and Your Job Search

Networking is a critical part of your job search. It is time to update your networking arsenal and add the social media sites that can help you find a job.

Automotive Industry Provides the Most Lucrative Career Option Today!

The automobile industry is growing more and more with time. With the rapid increase of new cars with advanced technology, there are also increase in the automotive jobs. The automotive industry can give you a good career option.

7 Practical Tips to Getting the Job Promotion You Really Want

I see a lot of articles and reading material out there that speaks to the old school way of thinking about a promotion – wait for the job posting, apply, and keep your fingers crossed. I’d like to share, however, some real life practical action steps you can take right now to get promoted in your current professional career.

Nightclub Promoter Tips

People always say that there is no easy job. But it is not true. There is one job which is very easy to do: nightclub promotion. It doesn’t need many skills to be a nightclub promoter, you just need to be outgoing and love parties.

10 Reasons to Think Like an Entrepreneur at Work

Many of us leave all sense of independence at the threshold of our workplace entrance. Instead of walking in the greatness and confidence we usually demonstrate in our home, church, or community, our position or work “labels” dictate a completely different identity at work. Even if you are in a leadership position, do you let your professional environment dictate where you live, what family decisions you make, your sanity?

Job Profile of a Data Center Operator

A data center operator is also a computer professional. The data center operator job is to maintain the organizational systems. The data center operator has to report to the employees the required information.

Rovia Travel Review

This is a 25-year-old travel company that has revolutionised the travel industry. It has combined the most positive aspects of traditional travel agents and online booking whilst eliminating the negatives. It allows the consumer to develop their passion for travel into something more. With the new ‘hybrid’ option, Rovia is offering the consumer the opportunity to earn an income from the sale of travel while being in the comfort of his or her own home.

Is Misemployment Making Your Life Miserable?

Consider this: a full two-thirds of our time is spent at work each day, but as many as 9 out of 10 of full-time workers are employed in the wrong jobs. Sometimes they just can’t seem to find the right fit for their abilities, but other times they don’t even know what that perfect fit is. So they find themselves spending the vast majority of their days in a job that leaves them with little to no satisfaction.

Practical Career Advice – Improve Job Skills With Little to No Money Down

For most people changing careers, acquiring new skills could be an obstacle. But let’s face it, who wants to pay huge amounts of money to return to school? Your life experience and past education provides a reservoir of transferable skills. Skills like negotiating, analyzing and synthesizing are considered transferable skills but for a career change industry specific skills may be needed.

Practical Career Change Advice – Follow Your Passions

The most common motivations for changing careers include better health, improved hours, better commute and most of all better income. Yet the one thing you can do to make your career change a successful one is to follow your passions. The unsuccessful career changer usually looks outside for his motivations. If you are going to change your life in a radical way by changing jobs it’s best to do it right. Here are 5 Tips to guarantee your success.

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