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Tips For Knowing When to Change Careers

Back in the days of our grandparents and even for many of our parents, a career was something you did from the time you got out of college until you retired. Very few people even thought about switching careers, but these days, it’s far more common. In fact, as various industries drop in popularity, more and more people are leaving what they may have considered to be solid jobs and are looking for new careers.

How to Find New Ways to Experience Career Fulfillment

Reinventing your career is probably the most scary area for you in the reinvention process. However, I assure you that it is OK if you feel that you are taking one step back and then two steps forward. If you love your job and it is rewarding and you work for a great company then there may be no need to reinvent your career.

What You Should Do If You Are Laid Off From Your Job

First of all you’ll want to take a look at what your state’s unemployment laws and benefits are. Although they may vary from state to state, each state does have unemployment compensation for those who have found themselves laid off from their job.

Personal Trainer Certification Opens the Door

After a few weeks of study and an initial small investment, an accredited personal trainer certification can be acquired which opens the door for developing a very sustainable business within the fitness industry. With the benefits of a flexible schedule, relatively minimal investment, and a secure career choice running a small business as a personal trainer is quite an attractive option to mix work and play.

Improving Your Business Skills is More Important Now Than Ever

Improving your business skills can have a tremendous improvement on your career. The good thing is that you don’t need to go to school to do so.

Lead, Follow, Or Get Out of the Way!

You can discover the perfect career path through the U.S. Navy where you will receive cutting edge training, excellent benefits and the personal satisfaction of protecting freedom around the world.

Do You Want a Job Or Career?

A job is something you do because you have to. You go to your job and perform whatever tasks are required in order to earn your paycheck. As soon as your check arrives, it is practically gone. Between rent, utilities, loan payments, car payments, laundry, groceries and gas, there just isn’t much left.

Redundancy – How to Make This an Opportunity

Redundancy in the pharmaceutical industry has been a recurring theme in November and December for the past three years or so; not the best time of year to be told you have no job. Yes the current global economic crisis has compounded matters but the affects we are seeing are more driven by the changing NHS, market access challenges, product pipelines and the drive for profitability.

Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job – Truth Behind an Old Career Advice and How it Applies Now

Majority of the time when we get career and personal advices, especially from so called authoritative figures such as parents and teachers, we get how and what we should do, but not WHY. I think the WHY is the most important part because by knowing that WHY, we can applied that principle/advice to appropriate situations and be more effective.

Grow Your Business in a Bad Economy – Ways to Make the Most of a Recession

Trying to grow a business in today’s economy is like trying to grow flowers in Ohio in December. This is nearly impossible, because the conditions just aren’t right. More businesses are struggling than prospering, but you shouldn’t despair. If you know the right moves, you can grow your business despite conditions that are not ideal.

Obtaining Your CNA As a Stepping Stone to Becoming a Registered Nurse

Obtaining your Nursing assistant certification allows you to obtain work as a nurse’s aide in the medical field. Many who choose to work in this field, find that they enjoy the ability to help other people in a time of need. They are generally caring and compassionate people my nature, who are excellent communications. Also, many find that obtaining their CNA and working in the medical field, is an excellent starting point to obtaining their licensed registered nurse degree.

When Personal and Career Mission and Vision Statements Meet

This is the work of each of us in this life, to find our mission, define it and build our vision on it. Sometimes our personal and career mission and vision statements meet.

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