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How to Work Multiple High Paying Jobs

6 years ago I went through a nasty divorce and was wiped out financially, I was close to bankruptcy but rather than go bankrupt, I chose to go out on a limb and try and work 2 outside sales jobs at the same time, just until my debt was paid. 6 years later I’m still working 2 jobs and I make twice as much as my peers, and I’m actually less stressed in this economy.

Graduate Career in Business Intelligence – Have You Got What it Takes?

Getting started in a business intelligence career may be the easiest way for a graduate to break into the IT industry, but it is no free lunch and a level of competency must be reached. Getting a job is only the first step, being well prepared to build a successful career is something else.

Mariner’s World

Mariner’s mystic life always created an enthusiasm in common men. Have you ever thought how a mariner manages his personal life together with the professional one? Have you ever thought how he manages to spend most of his time in the sea?

7 + 1 Tips For Working Moms

Are you a working Mom who wants everything to be perfect around her, believing that she has to do (and only she can) everything, overwhelmed with juggling all those balls, caring for others but least for herself and awaiting happiness to knock on her door? If that’s you, read further!

13 Proven Ways To Gain More Visibility Within Your Company

Do you regularly miss important project leading responsibilities? Do you feel overqualified and underutilized at your current job? Then have a look at the below article on 13 proven ways to gain more visibility within your company and move your career to the next level – guaranteed!

Medical Office Manager Tips

Medical office managers greatly contribute to a smoothly operating office. Various strategies are used by a medical office manager to stream line processes so that doctors can provide comprehensive healthcare effectively.

Book Editing

Book reading is more popular today than it ever was due to the fact that books are everywhere, they are more easily accessible to everyone and they are relatively inexpensive. Fiction has always been one of the top read genres but non-fiction catching up with more and more people opting to read this type of book. Just as popular as reading is book publishing and today it is a bigger deal than ever because so many people are reading.

Selecting a Career – How to Do the Right Thing

Just out of school? Having trouble deciding what to do next? If the word ‘yes’ just floated through your mind twice, you may want to consider reading this.

Four Ways Of Moving Forward From Job Dissatisfaction

Not satisfied with your work situation? Have you tried something else than just moaning over it? Have your tried everything? Look at these four tips to help you get unstuck and move forward!

Top 7 Tips To Handle Situation If Made Redundant

Did you lose your job recently? Do you feel worthless or struggling with lost confidence? Are you stuck in negative feelings about the past and unable to move forward?

How to Prepare For Private Detective Training

There are several rules and regulations for detective training and it is recommended to get some experience from reputed detective agency to get prepared. Internet knowledge will be an added advantage for the candidate.

The Top 30 Jobs Favor Education

I was doing research on the fastest growing jobs for the next decade and was surprised at the average job salary difference between obtaining a degree and no degree. In looking at the top 30 jobs, those that do not require an associate’s degree or higher were paid on average $20k-25K per year.

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