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Entrepreneur Bootstrapping Business Idea – Become a Landscaper

If you enjoy being outdoors and taking care of lawns, shrubs, and plants, this could be the business for you. Landscapers operate in many different categories, marketing to the affluent, or just mowing lawns of small homes. Read on to find out more about this exciting career.

Where to Send Your Brilliant Resume

As I have said many times before your resume will not get you the job you want. Your resume is only one part of the equation. The purpose of your resume is to get you through the front door of the company you wish to work for and have an interview.

Leadership – 5 Reasons Why You Might Be Struggling to Progress Your Leadership Career

Progressing your career can sometimes be challenging. Find out what might be stopping you progressing your leadership career.

Being Laid Off Isn’t Fun – But You Are a Survivor!

Being laid off from your job is an extreme emotional shock. The author shares how he responded internally and actively to that trauma, and is getting on with the rest of life.

10 Reasons Why No One Should Consider a Work at Home Job

A tongue in cheek contrast between a 9’5 job and the benefits of working from home. Should leave a smile while drawing a strong dividing line between job possibilities.

I Am Not My Job, My Job is Not My Life

The definition of a person is not what he or she does for a living or even what they do in their leisure time. We are multi dimensional beings and no one thing defines us. I am not my job and my job is not my life. When is the last time you sat down to ask yourself, who am I?

What to Say at an Interview

You have made your job application, and you have been called to interview, then the door opens. Here comes the chance to get the job you have applied for. You are probably being screened by a professional career person, they ask the same old questions to those before you, and those after you. They tick the boxes they think you fit into, and at the end of the day they put them together for a tally. Sounds pretty clinical, it is. Being too forward beats being too shy.

Workplace Comfort and Happiness – Guidance For Creating a Happier Workforce

Times are tough; companies are trying to maintain the happiness of their employees and keep morale high. Raising salaries is always a good way to keep employees happy; but there are other ways that you can promote good will and foster a sense of collaboration and commitment on behalf of the workforce. Want to make your environment a place where employees WANT to go?

How to Know For Sure If It’s Work That’s Right For You

Deciding on a new career direction can be a paralysing experience. This is particularly true if you’ve spent many years in a job or profession that didn’t quite fit. You really want to make the right choice this time round.

So You Want to Change Your Career – But You Don’t Know What to Do

You have just had another crap day at work. Some of these indicators may be familiar to you! You are tired and you wonder what went wrong. Everyone told you (family, friends, neighbours, the guy on the toll bridge) that this was a great job with great prospects. Now, you are just tired of it. Tired of the politics, the changing requirements, tired of your boss who always seems to be changing the goal posts? You want to change careers not just change job. The problem is that you have no idea what you want to do. You have had vague ideas about working in the Third World or doing something to “help” people…whatever that means.

How to Become a Financial Advisor – Learn the Secrets

In the business world today anything relating to capital management, is an essential component for any company to be successful. Businesses are established to earn profits for their owners or share holders. The job of financial advisor helps with international finance and and financial planning. As the economy changes the role of the financial advisor will grow. In the article below we will inform you of the necessary requirements to be a financial advisor today.

Is Your Career Stuck in Park? Time to Switch Gears With a Good Career Plan

Is it time to take your career to the next level? This article will show you the steps you can take to advance your career. If you are like many others stuck in a job with no opportunity for your professional growth you will want to read this article. By following the three simple steps you can put your career back on track.

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