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How to Gracefully Leave Your Job

There are many reasons why we leave our jobs. When it is time to leave your job you want to leave with a professional impression, here’s how…

Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance Careers

Pharmacovigilance jobs come with a huge weight of responsibility, especially regarding drug safety. Such positions are vital in not only monitoring the safety of any medication but also the development, trialling and marketing of the products.

Detoxing Your Work Environment

Living a healthier lifestyle is all the rage these days. Special diets and foods, exercise regimes, cleanses — many of us have tried one thing or another to detoxify our bodies and increase our health and wellbeing. When we “detox” our bodies, we purge them of unhealthy inputs, and provide our systems with healthy foods and nutrients to repair any damage. The same principles can be applied to other areas of our lives, such as our households and even our work environments. The theory is the same: remove or reduce the unhealthy aspects and increase the things that sustain us. Let’s explore how that might look in our workplace…

10 Top IT Skills for 2013

As the year 2013 gets closer, companies are looking forward to the next year for planning staff levels and IT projects. This work will need IT professionals with different specialties, and will vary from company to company.

Wealth Management – Your Next Career Step?

As we’ve covered in earlier posts, the financial jobs sector is one of the most interesting and rewarding industries to work in. From IT jobs to investment banking and brokerage jobs, there’s something in this area for almost any potential employee.

LinkedIn Endorsements: Fad, Foe or Friend?

If you are active on LinkedIn you may have started receiving endorsements from some of your connections. I have, and must say that when they started arriving in my Inbox I thought spam hackers had infiltrated the accounts of some of the people in my network and were sporadically sending out these messages. I became a bit more curious when I noticed endorsements were coming from some individuals with whom I had very little, if any, interactions. Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate all I have received so far, but because I wasn’t aware that such a feature exists, I was skeptical. It wasn’t until I saw several posts on a discussion board and visited the LinkedIn blog that I realized the emails were legitimate.

Finding Work in Scotland’s Communications Industry

Advice for those keen on working in Scotland’s communications industry. Tips on where to look for work, and where to study subjects such as PR and advertising.

6 Tips To Help Organize Your Time While Job Searching

Job searching can be overwhelming, long and tiresome. In order to use your time productively and get the best results, you should organize your activities and set short-term goals. Organizing your time will help you to stay focused, avoid burning out and help you to achieve maximum results.

It’s All About Accomplishments

Spoken or not, we are all measured in part by our achievements or accomplishments in the work world. It’s true for business owners and employees, for those at the top and bottom of the org chart. What we have accomplished matters to others. And if it matters to others, it needs to matter to us. So what is considered a relevant accomplishment for your career?

Tips to Avoid Job Searching Burnout

Let’s face it; the job searching process can be long, frustrating and discouraging. In the tough job market we have today, the time it takes to research, apply for jobs, interview and eventually land one takes even longer than it has in the past. In a perfect world, we’d be able to devote 12 hours a day into the job search until we landed that perfect position; but let’s be real, that’s not possible and it’s not healthy either.

Evaluating Ways to Make Money Easily

Every person has a dream of discovering the most efficient ways to make money easily. Most individuals are not satisfied with the traditional working environment and would instead prefer to be at home spending time with family and enjoying their life.

Easy Money Making Ideas for Anyone

For most individuals the limitations of the traditional working environment are not enough to supply a person with the financial stability they require. Some individuals hope to invest in the best products available and other individuals are simply looking to meet the financial demands of their family every month.

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