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All You Need to Know About Welding Jobs on Oil Rigs

Welding jobs on oil rigs pay well, give you plenty of off-time and are secure. Read on to learn a simple secret to help you get your first job.

Medical Billing and Coding Certification – Making Yourself More Attractive to Employers

Medical billing and coding clerks or technicians typically need only a high school diploma in order to find employment. More and more employers however, prefer workers who have had some sort of formal training in this field.

Learn One Secret For How to Get a Job on an Oil Rig

Lots of hard workers want to know how to get a job on an oil rig. The jobs are out there, but unless you have some inside knowledge of the industry, your resume will end up in the trash.

Financial Planning Career – Know the Finance Industry

Starting a career in financial planning will take a lot of hard work and dedication to be successful. A financial planner specializes in the planning aspect of finances, usually finance planners focus on the aspect of personal finance rather than investments and insurance.

How to Choose a Career – Know What You Like and Live It

My dog Oscar knows what he likes and he loves to live it. When he gets to do his favorite things – like getting a treat, going for a ride, walking in the park or playing with his best dog buddy Benji – he wags his tail like crazy and acts like he just won the lottery! He is so happy.

Bad Habits at Work

Bad habits can contribute to an environment that is unfriendly, unproductive, or even unsafe. Bad habits in the workplace will only be eradicated once they are recognized and addressed.

Top 10 Careers With a Psychology Degree

There are many career options to choose from after getting a psychology degree. There are many new trends in the psychology field and many new jobs that people can obtain with the training and skills acquired in this type of educational program.

Three Important Questions in an Interview

A job interview can be a stressful process. Many job applicants make the mistake of not having questions to ask the interviewer at the end of the interview process. Some mistakenly believe that not having questions to ask can be a good thing, but nothing is further from the truth. Not having a list of questions to ask can be viewed as not being prepared or not showing much interest in the company. Here are three questions that you will need to ask.. First, ask what the top two or three most pressing priorities that a person would need to tackle right away. This will reveal to you exactly what the greatest needs are for the position. Then you can in turn, tell them exactly how you could fill the void and get those things done.

How to Find Jobs on Oil Rigs If You’ve Got No Experience – 3 Killer Tips

There’s no doubt that jobs on oil rigs can be a great career. Many make it their life’s work, and with a salary that could easily be double what you’re earning onshore and holidays that beat any other full time job, it’s easy to see why.

4 Costly Mistakes When Looking For Jobs on Oil Rigs – Don’t Get Caught Out!

With rising unemployment onshore and a lift in the fortunes of oil companies offshore, jobs on oil rigs are becoming increasingly popular. When you look at the perks – an average salary of $75,000 plus working only 6-8 months in every 12 – it’s not difficult to see why jobs on oil rigs have become so attractive.

Opportunity After the Military

You have served your country and it’s time to get out into the rat race. What opportunities are there? I guess it’s time to hunt for a job.

Career and Life Changes – Can You Afford Not to Make Them?

It takes courage to make changes in our lives, to decide to return to work, change jobs, career paths or make changes in our personal lives. But how many of us stop and ask ourselves what the consequence would be of not making those changes? You know where you are in your life today, so if you’re thinking of change then there must be aspects to your life which are not fulfilling you.

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