You Will Be Underestimated During the Course of Your Career

You will be underestimated at some point in your professional life. It happens to even the most qualified individuals, and there are many different types of underestimation. Determining the origin of the problem comes down to evaluating whether or not you’ve put your best foot forward, or if it’s them (not you). There are ways to course-correct: read on to see how to handle underestimation at work.

How Easy Is It to Find a Decent Job: Tips That May Simplify Your Search

Everyone dreams of having a good job that will come up to his/her needs. This article will provide you with a few basic tips on how to make this dream come true in the shortest time possible.

Alternate Career Life: Four Tips for Job Stacking

By job stacking, I am simply talking about having more than one job at a time. For someone creating a semi-retired life, working for a period of time then taking a period of time not working at all, job stacking may provide a means to finance their lifestyle.

Alternate Career Life: Anchor in Place or Travel for Work?

As you ponder, daydream, or make serious plans about living a semi-retired life, give serious thought to this one piece first. Keep in mind, if your initial choices don’t work, you can always change them.

Eight Items to Consider If You Want to Semi-Retire

The most important piece of advice to building a semi-retired life is to embrace flexibility. Try something, and if it doesn’t work, try something else.

Why the “Gig” Economy Works for Semi-Retirees

Ever heard of the “Gig” Economy? In a nutshell, it’s a workforce that goes from one work “gig” to another, getting paid above or under the table.

Make Your Own Checklist for Semi-Retirement

Last evening, my husband and I were discussing a new employee of his who was struggling a bit with the process of the work. I suggested that my husband make an outline, or checklist, for the kid to follow. Perhaps having it written down is how he learns?

Benefit Shocks of a Portfolio Career

In a nutshell, I have become an advocate for independence from the traditional U.S. work model. By that, I mean the model where you exchange sometimes extraordinary amounts of time per week, and typically 49 – 50 weeks a year, for income and benefits.

5 Companies of India With Maximum Employee Contentment Ratio

Lower employee engagement results in high dropout rate and increased hiring cost. Little investment in employee engagement not only cut down the HR cost but also result in high productivity.

3 Reasons Why Having People Skills Is More Important Than You Think

All of us know those gregarious individuals who are always the life of the party, and the office. But what makes them so special, and just how far can having great people skills take you in life?

Tips on How To Be a Sycophant, If You Already Aren’t One Already

What Birbal was to Akbar, what Bellatrix was to Voldemort Guess? You know them by different names chamcha, ass-kisser, brown noser, suck up, yes man. You find them mushrooming everywhere even in the most unlikely places. Their job is the essentially the same, praise and garner favours from the ones who wield power. You’d be extremely lucky not to run into one in your lifetime. You might detest them, curse them, plan their exit but you cannot ignore them.

Sell More Automotive Finance and Insurance Products

Are you looking to make more money as an automotive business manager? Looking for a pay increase in the finance and insurance office? Here are some great tips for you!

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