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5 Key Strategies for Handling Conflict

Few enjoy being tasked with resolving conflict and often overlook the opportunity to grow through conflict. Conflict is typically seen as something to be avoided. This is because people seldom acknowledge that conflict is actually useful and can be handled successfully. Conflict can be used as a driving force. Virtually every significant advance of humanity has been the result of conflict. The more aggressive the conflict, the more dynamic the advancements. Even if there is no tangible foe, humanity needs to be under pressure; we need to have a deadline. In the world of business, a healthy amount of conflict inspires us to meet our goals.

10 Keys to Career Success Through Manager Relationships

Your manager holds the key to your success. Therefore, you must manage your relationship in a way that your manager likes in order for her/him to help you achieve career success. This article presents 10 things you should do to facilitate this relationship.

Design Your Growth

Learning shouldn’t stop when we step out of the school door. We have to chart our own growth path, developing ourselves both in hard skill sets as well as soft aspects of self-discovery.

How to Know If You Are Not a Corporate-Material Employee

Five things that will tell you that you are not what I call a corporate material employee. Five things to that will tell you that you need a new direction in your career.My be be your own boss… Why not?

Top 5 Reasons You Need a Trusted Mentor

Whether you’re a student, a small business owner, an established professional, or a prominent C-level executive, working with a knowledgeable, trustworthy advisor can mean the difference between keeping things at status quo – or ascending to new heights of success and accomplishment. Here are five reasons why you might choose to work with a wise mentor.

Why Everyone Is In Sales

You may not initially agree with this statement, but we believe everyone is in sales. Even if your job description doesn’t include selling products or services to customers, you are still in sales. As a professional, you are constantly selling yourself. Whether you’re currently employed or searching for a new position, every day is an opportunity to sell yourself to those around you.

Is Success Overrated or Do You Need It For Your Career?

If a person cannot itemize significant accomplishments, especially when their colleagues seem to experience success so easily, it may create a mindset of failure. The question then becomes this: is success overrated? It is important to acknowledge what you have accomplished in your career and feel good about what you have achieved, regardless of the level of significance or importance to others, which you can use as a source of inspiration. What needs to be established, for the purpose of maintaining a positive outlook of your career, is to understand what success really means, how it can be used as motivation instead of a tool for measurement, and then establish a point of focus on continual progress and self-development.

3 Easy Solutions for Women Looking for Career Advancement

Are you looking for solutions that will help you get noticed for more opportunities at work? Here a 3 easy solutions you can use right now inside this article.

5 Great Habits for Women Looking to Re-Energize Career and Life

Are you looking for ways to re-energize your career and your life? Then learn about 5 good habits that will help you accomplish this, right inside this article.

Civil Engineers in India, Gear Up for Plush Job Opportunities in the Coming Future!

All over the globe, civil engineers are among the primary drivers of economic and societal growth. In India, a country with sky rocketing economy the need for industry professionals in this domain has never been greater. Here is an article which talks about the growing requirement of civil engineers in India.

What Does It Really Mean to Stay the Course in Your Career?

There is a common phrase that would be helpful to keep in mind as you reflect on your career and it is known as “stay the course” – and this refers to maintaining a forward focus without becoming distracted. However, any time you question yourself or the decisions made that now cause you doubt, it is an indicator that you may not really know what path you are on and you may not have specific career goals. This phrase is not meant to imply that you need to develop one path and stay rigidly fixed on that course without ever adapting when needed. However, it does remind you that your career progress is incremental and you are always learning and acquiring both knowledge and skills with every job – and your career is a journey that is defined by specific goals and a purpose or vision.

Does It Make Sense to Take a Lateral Position?

One of the hardest questions when you are looking for a job is whether or not to apply for, or accept, a lateral position. What’s a lateral position? It can mean the same title and job responsibilities, but also includes positions with a similar pay range or product knowledge.

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