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How to Survive Being Laid Off From Your Job

Laid off, downsized – whatever word you call it, losing your job is arguably one of the most traumatic events that can occur in one’s life. Unfortunately, it has become quite commonplace in today’s economic environment. My goal here is to offer some useful pointers and relay some insights from my own personal experiences to hopefully help you get through this situation, and to emerge a better, stronger person.

How to Say No to Your Boss

The thought of saying no to your boss has you shaking in your stilettos. But you’ve hit your breaking point with too much on work your plate, assignments that keep on coming, and weekends filled with work. Here are a few pointers to help not only tell your boss no, but stay on her good side too.

3 Benefits Of Going To Teach In The Middle East

If you’re considering going to teach in the Middle East, there are a lot of benefits. Some of these are the experiences you’ll have, the ability to travel between countries and the boost to your resume.

Starting a New Job – 6 Tips for First 90 Days

First 90 days of starting a new job is critical to building a great reputation. Here are 6 tips on how to start in a new job with your best foot forward.

Buying a Franchise to Secure a Job In a Recession Could Be a Mistake

In times of recession when people cannot find a job, often they get stressed out, and they look towards franchising. As a former franchisor, I did note that we had increased franchise inquiries during times of recession when people could not find work. I always thought this was problematic, because even though we had a great business model which did actually do okay during a recession, our franchise offerings were not exactly recession proof.

What’s in Your Career Toolkit?

You are a top performer in your organization and you have received excellent performance reviews. You keep expecting that you will be promoted, but nothing happens. What’s going on? Did you misread your boss or overestimate your value to the organization?

How to Write a Properly Formatted Cover Letter

Many cover letters follow a similar format to one another. This How-To report will give you a step-by step guide to writing a professional cover letter with proper formatting and the sections every cover letter should include, so you can use it to your advantage as a template in your own business.

Career Transformation: If It Ain’t Broke – Break It!

You have a traditional career – from entry professional to Manager to Director and so on. Right now, you’re sitting pretty. But, you know you have not achieved everything you wanted for your career. What are the steps you need to take to transform your career?

Criticism at Work: Responses That Preserve and Grow Your Career

There is an art to receiving criticism. You’ve got to think it through, plan a strategy, and practice. Don’t assume you automatically know how to do it. This article offers guidance to help you actually improve relationships, save your reputation, and move projects forward in a highly productive manner. Take a look.

Performance Reviews: 3 Great Reasons to Write Your Own

I remember the first time I heard a senior executive say that if you really care about your performance you’ll write your own review. I was nearly half-way through my first year with a large consulting firm and was attending a quarterly meeting at my office. I left feeling shocked, disappointed and quite frankly a little angry. If I was going to work hard all year, was it really so unreasonable to expect my manager to take the time to put in writing how well I performed?

Mediation Training – Why Should You Undertake

Alternative Dispute Resolution is now overtaking the legal justice system in resolving disputes. Mediation is the most common form of ADR, where a neutral third party called a mediator, works with both sides of litigation to obtain agreement on their own terms, without other people deciding what which is best for them. Why should you undertake mediation training First, mediation works.

Business Strategy 101

An effective business strategy is the cornerstone of sustainable success for pretty much any enterprise. However, the precarious state of the global economy means that firms of all sizes are feeling the pinch at the moment, and when resources are squeezed it can be hard to find the funding required to secure the market research and strategic analysis that underpins effective business strategy. Many firms across the world are now choosing to outsource the gathering of vital business strategy information through companies like MBA and Co, rather than meet the ongoing costs of employing full time staff with the requisite…

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