How many followers do you need on TikTok to get paid?

A Computer Programming History Lesson

The bottom line about the IT consulting profession and about IT in general as it relates to IT staff within corporations, is that corporate systems have a “Lifespan” and they get rotated out just as the IT staff supporting them do unless they are internal “Superstars”. To not be let go when the corporate systems you have been maintaining become obsolete, you absolutely have to keep technically current as an IT professional and it is on you only to see that you keep getting the training and experience in current languages, infrastructure technologies, development environments, SDK’s, etc. and related systems implementation and deployment strategies. And make sure your HR department knows you have these upgraded skills!

Background Check Your New Employer/Manager?

Employers will check your background… so why not check theirs before you accept the position. Use free resources to do this.

How to Plan Your Career – Top Career Planning Strategies For 2016

Planning your career is not something you do just once in your life, but a continuous activity which has to be done on a regular basis at different stages in your career. So keeping this in mind, here are the top career planning strategies for 2016.

Resume Writing Best Practices For Engineering Professionals

Resume writing is an art form unto itself; your resume reflects not only your educational background, experience and skills, it’s also a reflection of you as a professional and the first impression you make on a potential employer. Engineering is a specialized field, so you want your resume to be specially tailored, not generic.

Do You Want To Be Firing Your Boss?

Many people wants to quit their day job and make a living from home. This article gives advice about what you should consider before making the step of becoming your own boss.

Need a Job? Recruiters Scout Out the Best

You may or may not be surprised to find that the job market is super-competitive in these modern days. What used to be easy is now complex because a majority of prospective employers hire professional recruiters. Recruiters are people who spend their days searching for just the right applicants to fill an open position. They do not just search for people who qualify; they search for people who excel. Therefore, you will have to rise above the average and even the “good” applicants to get a job offer in these competitive times. The following are some tips for making it past the recruiter.

Top 6 Tips Every Company HR Must Follow to Recruit the Best Candidates

No matter how advanced technology gets, the importance of manpower still reigns supreme. But yes, the process of recruiting has drastically changed. A few decades ago, companies had to rely on their goodwill and name to draw in prospective candidates. But things are much easier these days because hiring someone is not just limited to being the job of the company.

I Hate My Job, Please Help!

Quite a number of women are walking away from their 9-5 jobs to create something new for themselves and their families. With the current statistics that 70-80% of US workers hate their jobs, it’s no wonder.

Burnout: What Does It Mean and How Can You Be Affected By It?

When you’re burned out, it means there is a drop in your productivity levels and you feel low on energy and lethargic. You may feel resentful and helpless and even hopeless. You may even feel like you can’t give anymore of yourself. The majority of people feel like this – especially if they’re bored, feel unappreciated or overburdened. People may have to drag themselves out of the bed just to face the day. Does this sound like you?

3 Things Thought Leaders Need To Do To Win Business Today

If you’re an author, speaker or thought leader you’ve managed to navigate your way into the somewhat choppy waters of the content business. You make your money by monetizing your work. You may do that through traditional means such as speaking or writing (although as most of us know very few thought leaders make any sort of real money from the writing side of their business) or you may do so by leveraging your content in more robust ways such as assessment tools, organizational diagnostics, licensing, video enabled training, etc. Regardless of how you are currently deploying your work there are three things to take into account in order to win in the marketplace.

Values and Ideals for Personal Development and Career Success

Successful business graduates receive more from college than what is written in their textbooks. Absorbing important lessons and building values and ideals evolve the personal development that leads to career success. Here are 7 important lessons business graduates need to take to their careers: 1…


Have you ever had one of those experiences where you seem to talk and talk to someone and they don’t seem to hear you? Do you end up frustrated and wonder what is wrong with them? Or have you had people in your life where it seems you have to say the same thing over and over and they never get it?

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