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CNA: A World of Opportunity

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) are the backbone of the medical profession today. They work in various positions, doing a multitude of different tasks in locations as diverse as businesses, homes, offices, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and more.

Surgical Assisting: Holding a Life in Your Hands

Assisting surgeons in the operation room is an exciting way to spend your day. At anytime during a surgical procedure, the life of a patient can be in your hands when you work in the operating room. From routine procedures to organ transplants, thousands of surgeries are performed everyday and in each one there is a full team working and a surgical assistant is a very important part of that team.

Is My Skill Set a Perfect Match for Being a Healthcare Technician?

In order to become a healthcare technician, you should possess a variety of traits. However, before starting your course of study, you should decide which sort of healthcare technician you would like to be. Some community colleges offer courses for students to become a healthcare technician.

Health Care Industry Careers – Still Growing Strong

Health care careers are still growing at an impressive pace despite the current economic climate. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics-BLS-health care will generate 2.4 million new jobs by 2018.

Job Outlook Projections for Surgical Technicians Shows Promise

In today’s turbulent economy, residents in the United States must research job outlooks to find careers that will offer job security and stability. The medical industry is expected to flourish and there will be an increase for trained and qualified medical professionals within the next 7 years.

Have A Career In Healthcare Without A Four Year Degree

As the population ages, jobs in the healthcare industry are becoming more lucrative. While many think of long hours at school earning expensive degrees when they consider a job in healthcare, this is not always the case.

Goals In Your Business

The goals of your business should be set high. A goal is something that you should really have to work at, to be able to reach it. The goals should be written down for all to see. This is important as people who have goals that are not written down, seem to get changed to easily.

Dental Recruitment Meets Online Dating For Something To Smile About

It’s a question which really should have been asked of dental recruitment agencies some time ago. Just exactly why have dental agencies been sticking so rigidly to the same old tired systems of years ago, failing entirely to get to grips with the fact that online technology now offers dozens of excellent alternatives to offline computer systems?

What’s New In 17th Edition Training Courses?

It seems incredible that it’s only fairly recently that 17th edition training courses have become possible as a result of the Institute of Electrical Engineers finally updating the woefully out of date 16th Edition. When one stops to consider the fact that the 16th Edition was published in 1991, a huge amount of change in terms of technology and usage of electricity has happened in the intervening twenty years.

How To Make Yourself Promotable – Five Things That You Can Do Starting Now

Often, there are unwritten and unspoken rules for moving up. Don’t be held back because you don’t know the code. Being honest and trustworthy are a given, but there are also other things that you can do, right now, to make yourself promotable.

Some of the Top College Degrees of Today

Today, there is a need in the workforce for people who understand business and its many different aspects. When someone has a degree or an education in business, they know that anything related to this industry requires a top college degree.

Job Interview Tips: Focus On What You Bring To the Table

A job interview can be a stressful situation if you aren’t adequately prepared. Job interview tips like what you’re about to read can really help prepare you for the interview process. If you believe in yourself and follow this advice, you’ll improve your performance at your next job interview.

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