How Much Do Amazon Software Engineers Make (Amazon Software Engineer Salary)

You Will Be Overlooked During the Course of Your Career

Keep your cool: unlike being underestimated, being overlooked doesn’t necessarily stem from a judgment or a conscious decision. Keep reading to learn the three best ways to approach the topic of being overlooked.

So How Important Is Your Headshot on LinkedIn? 3 Free Resources to Help You Decide

You profile photo on LinkedIn is THE most looked at part of your online presence. It can make or break whether someone evens goes any further and looks at your experience in detail. LinkedIn says that a good profile photo can increase the chances of engaging with someone by 7 to 14 times. Here are three resources to help you choose the right profile picture.

How to Maintain a 5 Star Rating With Lyft

In order to be the most efficient, highest earning Lyft driver you can possibly be, you are going to want to have close to a 5 star driver rating. This probably goes without saying, but I want to emphasize it anyways. A high driver rating will limit the number of riders that decline your service when you are matched with a rider.

6 Ways To Turn Your Age Into a Professional Asset

How do you avoid feeling irrelevant if you’re over 50 and working in the creative industry? By knowing your worth and communicating that value to your ideal clients. Age doesn’t need to define you! Here are 6 ways to turn your age into an asset.

How To Balance Freelance Work With A Full-Time Job

In many articles you will find information regarding leaving your job and following your passion, you will find a common precaution in these articles to stay at your job as long as possible and save money. But many of these articles overlook to tell you how to manage two jobs simultaneously.

The Right Way Of Choosing Your Career Path

Individuals are usually confused about choosing the right career path due to the abundant opportunities available these days. It is during such kind of situations that good career planning advice can help a great deal. It is not a crime to choose the wrong career and you may fret on the feeling that someday you may repent choosing the wrong career.

Plan Your Career Effectively Using These Strategies

Choosing a career and following a course of action to get there is a very important part of a person’s life. A lot of thought has to go into the selection of your career because it is a life changing decision. Many individuals hastily decide on a career path and make mistakes while choosing.

Here Are The Essentials Of Software Testing Jobs!

The article shares essential information pertaining to software testing careers. The key areas, which testers need to focus upon are discussed.

Overcome the 5 Excuses That Are Stopping You From Becoming a Top Wedding Planner

The reasons keeping you from realizing your dream of becoming a wedding planner may be excuses that you can overcome. Here are 5 excuses you may be telling yourself and how you can overcome them.

Warning Signs It’s Time to Change Jobs and 7 Steps to Be Prepared

Do you remember your first day on the job? If you took this new job out of need you may have felt a sense of hope. If you took the job for career advancement, better working conditions, increased future potential, or other similar reasons, you likely felt optimism and possibility a sense of excitement. There probably was an orientation period and then a time for learning all of the required policies and procedures, along with the job requirements. Eventually a routine settled in and the reality of the job and the actual work environment becomes clear. That is a time when the reality of what is experienced is weighed against the perceived expectations.

Unhappy Career Choices, How People Can’t Decide What They Want to Do

There are many people who feel stuck in careers that make them frustrated and depressed on a daily basis. The trouble is they are unable to decide what they want to do instead.

Top 7 Interview Questions When Applying for a Medical Sales Job and Why They Are Asked

Part of planning for an interview is understanding what types of questions a hiring manager may ask and prepping answers. If you have taken our sales quiz you will know that being organized and being a planner are 2 qualities managers look for in a good medical sales representative. Preparing answers that demonstrate those qualities is key for your medical sales interview.

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