How Much Do Animators Get Paid?

Do’s & Don’ts of Working in a Cube

Ah, where would the American workforce be without the dreaded grey paneled, four-foot high cubicle. While many offices have re-embraced the open workspace where it’s every man (and woman) for himself as they grab a seat at a long table or sit in a lounge chair to hunker down to work, not to mention the growing phenomenon of working via a home space, still many employees report to work where they are relegated to working in a cube. Unlike working via a home office where good manners take a back seat to working in pajamas and shuffling out to the…

Your Identity and Your Career

I explore the relationship between one’s career and their self-perceived identity. I offer suggestions for not tying that alignment too tightly.

Translators and Interpreters – What Can They Do To Become More Successful? (Part 1)

There are many ways through which these subtle jobs can become too much at times. Meeting deadlines on big projects is hard, so is pleasing the clients and make sure that everything is perfect for the client when the submission time comes. There are tiny little things that can help you work better and allow you a little breathing room when the deadlines are tight and the work is too much. Jot these little advises down because they can help you succeed.

When Is the Last Time You Took a Moment to Reflect?

Reflection is a key element of learning that many business leaders overlook. Through reflecting on last year, business leaders can develop sound strategic plans for this year.

You’re Not A Workaholic If You Genuinely Love Your Job

You’ve heard the Confucius quote, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” But what if you have yet to figure out what it is that makes you want to jump out of bed each morning?

Take Ownership of Your Work and Don’t Deflect

One of the hallmarks of great leadership is ownership. This means that you take responsibility for your work.

Translators and Interpreters – What Can They Do To Become More Successful? (Part 2)

Master your art as a translator or interpreter with these little tips and turn your career around. These proven facts will help achieve those big dreams.

Translators and Interpreters – What Can They Do To Become More Successful? Part 3

The way to success can be found through these easy to follow tips and tricks. Read ’em to learn ’em because they are guaranteed to bring you success.

How to Be an Effective Caregiver

There is a plethora of categories under the simple name, caregiver. Caregivers are people such as nurses, police, firefighters, teachers, pastors, priests, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and nursing home staff, to name just a few. I think it is safe to say that one who cares for another can be labeled as a caregiver for they all have the incentive to care for others.

Company Secretary Jobs: A Comprehensive Overview

The post requires extensive study of accounts, business studies and the company laws Holding a senior position in the company management, a company secretary provides effective administration and ensures compliance to statuary as well as regulatory needs of the organization. Indeed, the prime duty of the Company secretary professionals is that they need to check and make sure that the board of directors of a company act as per company laws. With such an important role to play, the company secretary jobs are becoming hot favourite in the market these days.

New Year’s Resolution: Hunting for Your Dream Job

Every year, around the 1st of January, job seekers everywhere make the resolution that the coming year will be their time to shine. Hunting for that dream job is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions known to man. It’s important to seize the day as the new year begins, so that you can advance your career and finally get the job you’ve been hoping for.

Six Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Stop Job Searching During the Holidays

During the holiday season, it can be tough for job seekers to resist the temptation to take a break. The job search is quite tiring in nature, so friends and family often advise that a break is best. While they mean well, there are a variety of reasons why this advice is faulty. The following is a closer investigation.

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