How much do astronauts get paid?

Prison Vs Work

How would you feel if you broke the law and knew that you would have to go to prison? Most people (normal people) go the extra mile to avoid breaking the law and will do anything they can to avoid going to prison.

What Will It Take to Be Financially Free?

What I am talking about is your money mindset. Your mindset about money shapes your actions and shows up in your bank account. That is one thing you can alter that will have a tremendous effect on your bottom line.

Basic Principles of a Modern Business Dress Code

A lot of business companies today have unspoken rules of a corporate dress code; some of them even have the written ones. The importance of business attire and its influence on the customers has been recognized by most of the world. The right clothing of the personnel symbolizes professionalism and loyalty for the clients.

Am I Ready? 3 Musts Before You Quit Your Job

It’s bad, really bad. You know that this job or career isn’t for you. While you can daydream about walking into your office and telling your boss to shove it, that isn’t the smartest thing to do with out having your affairs in order. Let’s talk about the 3 must haves before you quit your job.

Increasing Gender Diversity in the Auto Service Industry

Are you struggling to meet your Perkins goals for nontraditional enrollment? Discover strategies, secrets, tips and ideas for creating awareness of your nontraditional CTE class or program.

Is It Time to Call It Quits?

Have you ever stayed in a job, relationship or living situation for too long? I mean, you knew it was not your ideal situation and you stayed because you thought you could either make it work or you were too lazy or scared to move on.

Can Your Career Pass The Values Test When It Comes to the Environment?

The environment is one of the constant top five factors that employees consider when it comes to choosing the company to work for, but organizations are slow to recognise this. Employees can have a lot more effect in this area than perhaps they think.

Creating an Income Stream for Yourself

This article is for those people who are currently out of work or are seeking other income-producing opportunities for themselves. It illustrates all of the job possibilities that actually do exist, even in today’s difficult economy.

Math for Welders: Its Real Importance and Practical Tips

Learning a little mathematics is absolutely necessary if you want to master at welding. You will only need to understand this basic math for welds to become a really good welder.

Update Your Professional Image

Frequently, I find that some of my clients feel guilty at the thought of making making purchases to revise their wardrobe. They’ll hold on to the same look they’ve had for years – same clothes, hair, and makeup, and even the same old bag they’ve used to carry their laptops and other documents for years now. But you are not the same person you were in, say, 2009, and hanging on to that old image may make you look rumpled or slightly outdated – and others may treat you accordingly.

Tackle Your Career Options Head On

Have you been secretly daydreaming about going to graduate school? Or wondering if your boss sees you as a good candidate for a position slightly ahead of yours?

Workplace Relationship Balance – How Close Should You Get to Your Colleagues?

Do you struggle to find the right relationship with your colleagues? This article will give you a few tips on how to go about changing that.

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