How Much Do Barbers Make In 2021 & How To Make More

Did I Really Wear 2 Different Color Shoes Today?

Of course, it was a really important day for me. I was presenting a leadership development program to senior leaders in my organization in about 25 minutes. Everything seemed to be going fine.

Yours Free For A Limited Time – The Bullsh*T Detector!

The latest in Smartphone Apps – A Bulls*&t Detector! Wouldn’t it be great if there was such a thing? Maybe it would work like Shazzam – turn it on and it evaluates what it hears, then instead of telling you song title and artist, you get a “bulls*&t” value on an index… No guesswork!

3 Traps All Business Analysts Fall Into At Least Once!

Have you ever felt like your business analysis career is standing still? These are common career traps we all fall into at least once in our careers.

Some Tools To Successfully Separate From The U.S. Army

Here is some advice on how to successfully separate from the Army. It is terrifying to take a leap of faith to the civilian world and this article provides so cheats on how to do it successfully.

Sonographer Vs. Nuclear Medicine Technologist

A Sonographer is also referred to as an Ultrasound Technician or a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. At one time, sonographers only created ultrasound images but were not involved in assessing images or making recommendations based on imaging results. The profession has expanded, meaning the sonographer manages a higher level of duties while using imaging equipment producing high-frequency sound waves to assess certain patient conditions.

Are You Worried About Your Professional Presence?

Presence is overwhelming required if you want to succeed in a corporate career. But what is it and how can you develop greater professional presence?

Planning Your Career in 5 Simple Steps

Do you remember the first time you realized how important it is to plan your future? Maybe not anymore because you were so eager to take the first few steps in achieving your goals that you forgot when and what made you understand this concept.

A Brainy Approach to Resolving Conflict

Conflict can wear us out, muddy our brains or just put a dampener on things. But how do we spot conflict before it happens? Or at least make it as short and productive as possible? Two flashpoints can change the way you deal with conflict.

3 Easy Fixes for Social Media Branding

Social media is important for the job search and can sometimes serve as a potential employer’s first impression of you just as a resume can serve as a first impression. If you are on the job hunt, it is important to have clean social media profiles so that you aren’t disqualified before the employer ever meets you. Get 3 easy fixes for cleaning up your social media profiles and creating consistent branding. Remember that good online branding requires maintenance, so check up on these items regularly for best results.

Jiro Dreams Of Sushi – What About You?

When I was quite young I had the usual answers to that oft asked question, “What are you going to be when you grow up.” Since my father was a physician, I often as not answered “Doctor” rather than “Fireman” or “Policeman”. It was in my high school years that I discovered psychology through the then booming human potentials movement (this was the late 60s and early 70s), and found my true passion. I set my goal to obtain a doctorate in psychology and with relentless determination achieved it. Since then I have traveled many different paths on my career as a psychologist, but they have all been fueled by the passion I discovered way back in high school. When I started out on this career path I was driven by a desire to understand both myself and others and to use that understanding to live and help others live a more satisfying and meaningful life. At the time, I had little concern for the economics of the profession or, for that matter, my own career. I was following what gave me significance and meaning, and I was not thinking about making a living.

How to Get Your First Job As a Nurse

Nursing profession is a great profession to have. You will find it rewarding and personally fulfilling. You will learn a lot about life and people and you will probably thoroughly enjoy being a nurse. There are daily challenges that you will face and conquer each day. There is always something different going on each day and you will never really know what you will face. There are also a lot of different areas that you can grow into in your nursing career. There are many places that need nurses, nurses are always in demand and you will never have problems finding your next job as a nurse.

Still Unsure of Your Decision to Join Electrical Engineering?

Do you still doubt your long cherished ambition of getting into electrical engineering? You don’t need to. You just need the right career advice and a constant support that can help you come across good job prospects and growth opportunities.

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