How Much Do Corporate Lawyers ACTUALLY Make?

Preparing Your Career for a Binary Star Economy

A look at the future of work and career development. The influencers of globalization and digitization are examined.

Boost Your Authority As An Expert By Writing Articles

Success with marketing no longer involves those outdated strategies of the past. Instead, it involves a proactive approach that’s predicated on reaching a mobile and connected customer base, one that is online and always searching for new information. Ultimately, when someone looks to answer “why I should write an article,” the answer comes down to mastering your target niche by becoming that all-important market expert. Here are some direct benefits of using articles to become an expert in your field.

5 Golden Rules For A Fulfilling Life

Have you ever asked yourself how can I be a better person and find success? Or how can I give structure to my life and find happiness in important areas? Discover the 5 golden rules of life I use daily.

Getting A Teaching Job In China

Teaching Kids whether kindergarten or primary school in China is a wonderful experience. So start your working life after you leave university by going to China to teach kids. Or for that matter you can go at any age or anytime you need a change.

What Pumping Gas and Your Job Search Have in Common

The world for job seekers is forever changing. Stay ahead of the competition by using these tips and adapting to the changing world of resumes and applications.

How to Attract Job Offers

If there is no fairy job mother and recruiters only fill 5% of jobs, what is a creative, outstanding professional to do to get job offers? Another 20% of jobs are filled by job postings online.

Top Strategies to Promote Yourself As an Expert

In order to truly leverage your position in your industry, it is important to be able to establish yourself as an expert in your particular niche. There are multitudinous benefits to becoming an expert in your target niche. Being viewed as an expert will immediately provide a certain level of credibility.

5 Survival Tips on Working For a Younger Boss

Survival tips on working for a younger boss are a true necessity if you have been in the workplace for any length of time. As the work force ages, new college grads are filling management positions creating this new dynamic. Sometimes there is a decade or more that separates you from your younger boss.

What to Do When You’re Stuck in a Career Rut

A job can serve a variety of purposes and for many people they accept a job offer because they are in need of the income, without necessarily thinking about their future. Others have a specific career plan and a new job may be a step towards meeting their goals. Over time a job can become a stable career, one that provides new opportunities. Stability in a career is important but what happens when that job you value becomes stagnant and it no longer feels fresh or no longer brings out the best in your job performance? Is a change of attitude the only possible answer?

How To Master The Field You’re Into

When one wants to make a lot of money and enjoy plenty of business in the short and long-term, they must master their field that they are into. This is not easy, especially considering how much competition is out there. While true, with some hard work, dedication and a little luck, one can master their field. With that being said, here are three tips to master the field you are into.

The Secret to Getting a Job

Prospective employers want to know who you are because ‘soft’ skills (the way we carry out our work) are as important if not more so, than the ‘hard’ skills. The hard skills are pretty objective based on abilities and skill sets to do a particular job. Determining who you really are (this is very subjective; how you think and behave) helps them determine the degree to which you may possess the right ‘soft’ skills to be successful. So wouldn’t it make sense to anticipate this and tell them more about “YOU” before they make their selection of whom to invite for an interview? But what if you have attitude problems, character issues and/or personal traits that have prevented you in the past from being more successful. You will be glad to learn that these things can be changed. The degree to which you can study and model positive personal qualities in your life, you can significantly shape the “WHO YOU ARE” which ultimately determines your success and even your destiny.

Career Guidance and Counselling

With better guidance, the children can achieve some of the toughest goals in their lives. Hard work, discipline, sincerity etc too are the requirements.

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