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How to Tie a Tie: Best, Fastest, Easiest Knot Without a Mirror

I remember watching my father dressing for work when I was a kid. He would choose his suit, shirt and tie. How did he tie that thing around his neck? As I became of age to tie my own tie and run the family menswear business I found there are many different types of tie knots. Some take time, skill and a mirror, but in my 27 years in the menswear business, there is a knot that is the easiest, fastest and the one that stays in place for the entire business day. It also looks the best.

Competitive Intelligence and Your Career

I have a number of executive and career coaching clients who are currently applying the concept of competitive intelligence to their projects at work. The concept has been around for decades and is one of the more resilient approaches to assessing long term risks and opportunities posed by competitors and the environment. Strategists often use the process to look at a situation, yet I have never seen it applied to individuals specifically with regard to career. “Why not?”

Defining Your Career Brand

If I were to list the number one challenge of most of my executive coaching clients, it would be formulating their workplace brand. Whether they are trying to establish themselves within their organization or industry, write their self-evaluation for a performance appraisal, update their resume, or perform well on an interview; they often struggle with defining their brand in a way that is specific, descriptive, and memorable, and makes the listener say, “Tell me more.”

Pay Raise Success: Think Outside The Box And Be Open To Offers

Keep in mind that although you may not get exactly what you are asking for in terms of a salary increase, your boss may propose an alternative that is acceptable to you. For example, he may suggest a bonus instead or offer an increase based upon the completion of a particular project. Perhaps he will say that although he feels only a small raise is in order at this time, he wants you to know that you are being groomed for a move up the corporate ladder. Whatever offer is made, you should be open, flexible, and always go home and think things through before committing yourself. Think outside the box and be open to offers outside the box.

How to Manage Nightmare Hires – Tips for Entrepreneurs

Whether you are working abroad, or working domestically, you will run into candidates that have studied up on the job interview process and received extensive interview coaching. When that happens, you may find yourself managing a completely different person from the one you encountered during the interview. This article gives a brief summary of how you can best handle a bad hire. (A must read for new managers or young entrepreneurs.)

Counteroffers – The Ins and Outs

Oh! The dreaded, desirable, and often misunderstood counteroffer. There are as many opinions on the topic as there are acceptances and rebuffs. My perspective is broad as I’ve witnessed and been a part of all three aspects of this issue – counteroffered, been counteroffered, and worked for a company that refused to counter anyone. I also have a number of HR colleagues who were able to give me different, and equally valid, takes on the topic.

Aspects of Personal Branding in the Workplace

When working with my executive coaching clients, or presenting to a group of leaders, I am struck by how often people identify with what they do versus who they are and what they have to offer. In the extreme they spend more time selling their employers than themselves. Good for Company X, bad for aspiring worker. I created a list of areas where you can enhance your brand to promote yourself, or should. It’s what I call Aspects of Personal Branding in the Workplace.

Mentoring and Being Mentored

What is the number one complaint of employees about their workplace? Salary? No. Long hours? Not really. Their supervisor? Closer. The number one complaint is the feeling that no one cares about their career or its trajectory. They will say, “It’s all about them and what about me?” One of the missing elements in this void is mentoring.

Be YOU and Thrive!

If I could narrow down what the secret sauce was in my business it would be this: Be YOU and thrive! To me this means follow your gut, follow your intuition!

Developing a Reputation for Being Trustworthy

Human Resources professionals have access to enormous amounts of information. Much of the information is regarded as highly confidential. But if there is one thing I learned early on in my career, it’s that revealing confidential information about an employee whether accidental or not, is career suicide.

Emergency Medical Technician Job Description

The job description of an emergency medical technician can vary greatly depending on the employer or the level of certification you have. Emergency medical technicians are just one piece of the healthcare industry but function in an important capacity. They are the trained personnel who are typically first to assist a victim or individual in need of care. The decisions and care provided in those first moments are critical to the well being of the patient.

How To Search For A Job Without Alerting Your Boss (Or Getting On Your Boss’s Bad Side)

How do you look for your next job without letting your boss know of your plans? Find out here.

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