How Much Do Doctors ACTUALLY Make?

Here Is Why You Should Make Delhi Your Job Destination!

Delhi is among the top cities where you can explore jobs matching your skills and experience. The article tries to capture the richness of the city in terms of employment opportunities.

Understanding the “How” and “Why” of Recruiting

The actual process of recruiting is simple. That’s the “how.” Understanding the difficulty and the “why” of recruiting brings you closer to success.

The True Cost of Living Has Nothing to Do With Money

Make your efforts worth something. Give value to what really matters. A dollar amount doesn’t define living comfortably.

How to Tell If You’re Ready for a Career Change

Are you currently working a job that makes you miserable? Are you ready for a change? Or are you unemployed, and looking for a new job?

Job Descriptions Are Not Very Descriptive

Job descriptions can be confusing. Take the proper steps.

Who Do You Know Who Works Here?

Be willing to comprehend that learning about the company shows you are willing to be trained. Part of your skill set can be that you know the history of the company.

Who Succeeds and Who Sinks in the Perilous Business Seas?

You need a Captain with a vision; A crew that will back him up; A sturdy ship to face the rough waves; all amounts to a business entity ready to sail the rough and competitive waters of the Business Seas. The ideal ship and captain will have certain qualities that are the dominant reasons why they will be able to sail the seas. But what are they? And more importantly, do you have what it takes to sail the seas and hold the crew together in the face of tough times?

Leaders Get Out of the Boat

As a boy I read the story of Jesus walking on the water in Matthew 14: 22-33, I understood why Jesus could walk on water. It was a puzzle to me why Peter (Petra: the rock) got out of the boat and did the same. Then Peter got distracted, lost focus, and started to sink.

If You Could Live Your Life Again, Would You Choose a Different Career Path?

If you could life your life again is there anything you would do differently? I don’t want you to stir up regrets but in a positive way maybe you can change your future. Are you totally happy with your lot? Decisions are easier to make in retrospect aren’t they? Would you choose the same career, the same industry: would you live where you are living?

How to Break Into the Job Market Right From College

If you are fresh from college, you will have a good number of obstacles restraining you getting your first employment. With an empty resume, you are bound to knock on several doors before finally getting a nod. The trap: most employers rely on past experience to evaluate competency, and that experience is what is missing in your new resume.

How to Create Your Elevator Pitch

Professionals often stress the importance of developing an engaging and effective “elevator pitch” for young entrepreneurs, salesman and interviewees. This short, concise speech is used to captivate the attention of a potential customer, client or employer to entice them into a new opportunity-whether that be a new product or even a job. The pitch is meant to be a passionate, abridged plea that does not focus on a lot of technical detail or dwell on unimportant material; instead, the pitch should work like a well-constructed outline and gain the interest of the intended target.

It Is NOT Okay For Your LinkedIn Profile To Sound Like Your Resume

Your LinkedIn profile and your resume are not the same. Here are a few of their differences and why you should write each with these items in mind.

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