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The Importance of Outplacement to Career Transition

Hundreds of employees are kicked out from their jobs each day and they are ended up with nothing on their pockets. Losing a job might be the most unwanted wish you can have today. Job vacancies are slim and there is no enough careers coaching you can hang on to.

Are You Afraid of Losing Your Job?

There are people today who are worried about losing their job. With the daily news of downsizing and company failures, many people are becoming afraid that they could become unemployed.

Work Costs More Than You Think! What is it Costing You?

For many becoming a stay at home mom is just a dream, but for most it could be a reality. Take a hard look at what your job actually cost you, it can be a life changing experience.

Why You Should Walk in the Footsteps of Giants

Self development program adverts are to be found on almost every page of the Internet, coaching and training is offered with wonderful headlines screaming; ‘NEW Way..’ Effective Management offered. ”Motivational training and coaching leading to performance goals so that you achieve success in your career..’ However, the shortest route to achieving all you want in life is to find someone who is already doing it or has done it {Leadership}.

How to Save Your Job in Layoff Times

The global economy has started showing its dark side for a couple of years now and it is coming to its peak at the moment. Therefore, there have been a few bailout packages or in other words, financial stimulus packages proposed for booting the economy. This article is on how to save your job when there is a possible layoff ahead.

Yacht Jobs – Do You Know Where to Get Your First Yacht Crew Job? – And Why?

Do you know where the world’s best place is to find work on a luxury yacht? This article reveals where and why, so you don’t make the same mistake I nearly did!

Ten Tips on How to Perform at Your Best – And Stay Employed

Unemployment is growing at this time; however, there are many actions you can take to help you stay employed, enjoy your work and become a more valuable asset to your organization. You can accomplish this by learning to play off the best attributes you bring, or could learn to bring, to the job.

Surviving the 2009 Layoff – Emotional Recovery

What do you do when you are downsized, rightsized or just “Lost your Job” in a 2009 layoff? The emotional toll of losing an income not only affects you, but can impact your family as you struggle to regain your footing in a turbulent time. This article looks at ways to get back into the game and begin your next stage in life.

Key to Success – Passion

Successful home based business entrepreneurs share a common trait. They are passionate about their business. They have aligned their passions and taken the action to live their dreams.

Career Portfolio Planning – Your Key to Long Term Success

A career portfolio opens up many paths for you instead of staying on a one-track career course. Managing your career as a portfolio allows you to take risks, remain flexible and most importantly — thrive in any economic situation.

Risk – The Game of Career Domination

How will you react when faced with a potential career change? Are you the probing Perceiving type, ready to jump right in and take risks when your career begins to stagnate? Or are you a pragmatic scheduled Judging type, who investigates and carefully plans before making any bold moves? The Keirsey Temperament Sorter can help you prepare for the increasing volatile job market, by gaining a better understanding of ourselves.

Dress For Success – Don’t Sit at Your Desk Looking a Mess

Is your wardrobe sending the right message? We all learn that it’s what is on the inside that counts. Alas, the outside is what people see. We are a very visual species-it is human nature to respond and react to a person, initially, at least, based on how they look. Can’t remember the last time you went clothes shopping? Still wearing the sweatshirt from your alma mater? It’s time to update your career wardrobe-and polish your professional image. Read on, my fashion-challenged friends…

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