How to Find a Call Center Job in India?

This article is written to cover all aspects of a call center job like education, skills, etc. The article gives an extensive overview of call center jobs.

Know All About Available Jobs in Noida!

The article is written to cover various job opportunities which you can find in the market of Noida. A city situated in the district of Uttar Pradesh, Noida is witnessing the presence of top-notch companies.

Just How Good Is Your Diction?

While it is true that most people do not like to hear themselves on recording equipment because they do not like or recognize the sound of their speaking voice, there is another group of people who are also surprised by their lack of clear diction. And it does not just happen to those in which English is not their first language. It happens to those in which English is their native tongue.

Finding an IT Search Firm When You’re Unemployed

Think an IT search firm is only for companies who are trying to find people? Not at all. Remember that these firms are hired by companies that need to find someone – someone like you. When you reach out to them, they may be able to return the favor by finding you a job. This means you can speed up your job search considerably and get access to some of the best jobs in town.

What Type of Investment Are You Making In Your Career?

We have all been there – found ourselves in a job that leaves us wondering what we were thinking when we took it. But there still were investments that you made to be in that position. You definitely invested time, money and effort into your career. Here’s some thoughts on how to evaluate those investments, and what to do if you aren’t happy with the current return on your investment. It’s never too late to start over!

Dress to Impress Your Future Employee

MOST of you are probably thinking, “I don’t need no youth journalist to tell me how to dress to impress!” Well, you’re probably right. Most of you guys have your own unique style, and you don’t need us to tell you what to wear and how to wear it. But (you all knew it was coming), when it comes to dressing to impress your future employer, it’s a totally different ball game altogether. You might be able to turn heads at the clubs with you sizzling hot wardrobe selections and killer accessories. But trust us, none of that is going to mean squat when you’re walking into that interview room filled with serious, suit-and-tie-wearing wannabe execs trying to nab your dream job. There are countless things that an employer would look for in a prospective employee, but few are as important as that first impression. And it doesn’t matter how much of a sweet talker you are, because first impressions are made when the interviewers first set their eyes on you, before you even get to say a word. Unless of course, you go charging into that. room firing away. That wouldn’t leave too good an impression anyway.

Effective Ways to Maximize Your Time While You Are Job Hunting

I will be sharing some important points on how you can manage your time well while you wait for a job. If you are a job seeker, take some time to digest this article.

7 Ways to Maintain a Good Relationship With Your Boss

Too often I hear a lot of people complain about their superiors at work and the effect this has on their job performance. Do you have issues getting along well with your boss at work? I invite you to go through this article with an open mind as you will find some ways you can handle such a situation.

Know All About Software Testing As a Career Option

This is a career guide for people who want to build their career as a software tester. There is a great scope of software testing jobs both in India and abroad.

The Importance of Writing a Good RN Resume Sample

A resume is a summary of professional skills, qualification, strength, achievements, and background of a job seeker. A good resume can increase his/her chances of landing a job.

How IT Recruiters Can Find You Your Next Job

When you are looking for a job in today’s day and age, competition is fierce. You are constantly faced with companies that are getting more than a thousand resumes for a single open position. If you don’t know someone on the inside, you have to hope that your resume looks good enough to attract the attention of the HR staff.

How Much Do Truck Drivers Really Earn

It is important to remember that very high truck driving earnings, such as those reaching $100,000 a year or more, are very uncommon and unheard of with new truck drivers just getting started in the industry. This isn’t to imply that the starting wages of truck driver salary isn’t bad. On the contrary, it can make for a very fair and decent living. However, it can take as much as a ten years to achieve the dream of $60,000 a year.

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