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Don’t Let Ambition Get the Best of You

You’re an ambitious careerist. You’ve worked hard and have aspirations to move up the corporate ladder. You know you deserve more than your current role offers and capable of performing at a higher level.

Why Personal Productivity Matters for Your Career

You are likely very busy in your career right now and accomplishing important and required activities. But are there any tasks that you are putting off for a future date and time? Perhaps you have thought of something you would like to do and have not yet gotten to it, making an excuse that begins with either “one day I will” or “I’ve gotten behind” – to name a few. Being busy does not always equate to being productive. When you expend energy, are involved in busywork, find yourself active, or exert extra effort, those are all indicators you care about your job or career. But what if you could get more out of the time that you invest?

5 No-Brainer Tips to Make Your Next Presentation Pop

Last summer… my wife Louise, who is a nurse, attended a daylong health conference that cost us $200.00 for her to attend. When she came home that night I asked her how the conference went and without hesitation she told me it was long, boring and was a waste of money. Louise went on to explain to me that for five hours she watched and listened to a woman, the featured presenter, lecture with a monotone voice and never once moved from behind the lectern. What a shame!

The Perfect Resume/CV

I must say, I’ve always had a knack for writing a good resume/CV, going back to the days when I first started typing up my own CVs, and I think that, especially in today’s tough job market, a good resume is probably your most valuable asset in finding employment. I remember years ago, running a small business from home, where I just sat churning out CVs all day long. That was in the days before the internet and emailing had really taken off.

How To Make People Do What You Want

Persuading others to do what you want can make your life easier and ensure success. To start you on your journey to success I have listed a few tips to help you achieve what you always wanted.

Top 10 Law Enforcement Careers

There is a wide variety of job opportunities for people interested a career in law enforcement. Individuals who want to change their career path by earning an online college degree should determine which kind of job suits their needs and lifestyle. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 law enforcement careers you should consider.

The Big Q: Are You Ready For a Promotion?

It is natural to take a step back and review your job performance for the last couple of years you’ve been working for your company. After all, you have been in the same position for a while and as an employee, you have every right to move up, get a salary increase and take on more responsibility. But, can you handle the pressure that will go together with your new role? Are you really ready for a promotion?

MRI Technician Vs. Ultrasound Technician: Schools, Salary and Jobs

The ultrasound technician, also called a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, produces sonograms which are ultrasonic recordings. Using special imaging equipment, high frequency sounds waves are directed into the body to produce real-time or dynamic images of internal organs, the heart, the vascular system and fetuses to detect abnormalities. The MRI Technician does Magnetic Resonance Imaging, which uses radio waves and magnetism.

How to Become a Business Analyst in Top Management

In the field of information technology, a business analyst is going to evaluate the organization’s business structure to determine how it integrates with modern technology. The idea is always to establish the organization’s business requirements or objectives, and subsequently improve the efficiency of IT in meeting those requirements / objectives.

Learn How Career Coaching Can Be a Good Investment in Your Career

Career coaching programs have become very popular and yet there is a bit of mystery involved because of the number of programs that are available, and the quality of these programs may be difficult to assess. In addition, the cost of a program can vary significantly, along with the background and experience of the coach. If you are going to make an investment of this nature then you need to be certain the program has an ability to meet your needs and more importantly, you need to be fully informed and aware of the factors that make a good coach and the qualities that are indicative of a meaningful program. Finding a coach is easy; the challenge is finding the right one – and a program that is a good fit for you.

Leapfrogging Your Career: Get Over Yourself to Become a True Leader

We all have one thing in common: Fear resides within us all. You know you have it when you are involved in something that makes your heart race, whether it is the moment that you are given your first big assignment, the first time you present your ideas to your colleagues, or anything else work related that makes your body tense. Find out how to deal with it once and for all.

What Is A Trade Career?

A trade career involves an individual having a set of specialized abilities. The skills may range from construction to HVAC to plumbing. While some of these individuals may hold associates, bachelors, or even masters degrees, the majority have usually attended a trade school, participated in an apprenticeship, and may have earned additional certification beyond the base qualifications. The examples below highlight the most common and well-known trade careers.

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