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5 Crucial Traits of Highly Effective Managers – Have You Got These All?

Effective management is the backbone of any successful organization and it comprises of components like communication, leadership, adaptability and skill upgradation etc. Individuals and organizations need to recognize these traits to be able to develop good managers.

What Can A Career Coach Do For Me?

There are misconceptions as to what a career coach is, what they do, and what one can expect when hiring one. A certified career coach has several tools and techniques at his or her disposal to help you. Some of the ways the coach can help you are: 1.

5 Tips to Setting Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are about taking control of your personal space, thoughts and time. Boundaries: unofficial rules about what should not be done: limits that define acceptable behavior. (Definition from Merriam-Webster) Here are 5 tips to setting healthy boundaries.

Career Advice: 5 Ways to Improve Your Office Etiquette

Whether you work in a large, high-stressed office or a relaxed small business office, etiquette matters. Use these five tips to make a great impression on your boss, co-workers and customers.

Career Advice: 5 Steps to Building a Strong Professional Network

Are you looking to develop a strong professional network, but don’t know where to start? Use these five steps to learn more about expanding your network and getting the most out of your connections.

Do You Feel Under Pressure When Booking Your Holiday?

You go in to see the boss or your HR department in order to book your annual holidays and you can’t help but notice the look of tired resignation or amazed indignation. Now this is the point where everybody instinctively starts to comment about your contractual and statutory rights to annual holiday and so on and so forth.

Why You Don’t Want To Be Your Boss’s Favorite

Have you ever wished your boss really liked you? Have you ever desired to be a favorite of your boss at work? I think at some point in our careers, we all have had that silent craving.

Voice Training Not Only Improves Your Voice But Your Diction As Well

One of the most fascinating things I find on television or in the movies is that everyone’s speech is clear and understandable. Whether the actors are playing hoodlums or heroes, whether the characters are from Harlem or Park Avenue, they all speak distinctly. This particular characteristic is a prerequisite for actors whether they are on stage or in front of the camera.

How to Become an Investment Banker?

Investment banking is an exciting career choice. The article is a complete career guide for students who want to become an investment banker. You should read the article to know top colleges imparting investment banking education in India. Apart from covering salary packages and required skills, the article explains different areas where you can find investment banking jobs.

How to Lead People Effectively at Work

Leading people is not an easy task, it takes the right knowledge and attitude to be a successful leader. A lot of people believe that you are not a leader until you have a position, you can lead people with or without a position. Leadership is about influence, it is about influencing the decisions of people.

Why You Cannot Avoid Office Politics

As long as you are working, you cannot avoid office politics. In this article, discover the various reasons why office politics exist.The first step towards having a good career is to know about office politics.See if the following is present in your office.

Mumbai – The New Job Hub of India

Mumbai offers abundant job opportunities in diversified sectors. You can explore the city to find lucrative engineering, automobile, HR or any other kind of job. The article covers the job sector of Mumbai.

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