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Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned As a Recruiter

Okay, so the title might be a slight exaggeration, but I learned more as a recruiter concerning life and work than anywhere else. I met amazing people, worked hard, laughed hard, and perceived every person I interviewed as a human being with feelings, skills, and something to share. My job was to match a candidate with a position that was a great fit for them and the company.

More People Are Able to Take a Certificate Programme in Business Analytics

When taking a course in anything, people want to know that they are getting fed with necessary information instead of a bunch of filler information. They want to be told about experiences that deal with their situation. This is why more people are taking the certificate programme in business analytics.

Career Madness

Careers take maddening twists and turns. What can we do to stop them from affecting us so?

Characteristics of a Good Doctor

If you would like to become successful in your profession then it is essential for you to fulfil its requirements. If you want to become a medical doctor then there are some important points that you should keep in mind. The six important characteristics of a doctor are as below: 1…

The Six Places Not To Put Your Hands In Business

Did you know that there are six places not to put your hands in business? Truth be known, there are more than six places, but only six that we can talk about in polite conversation.

Personal Branding: A Complete Manual

One thing for sure, we all have a personal brand. You have a personal brand and you have been sharing this brand with everyone that you have ever come in contact with. The way you choose to portray yourself is your personal brand. Now, the question is do you agree with this brand? Is it a true representation of who you are?

Work At Home Dads, Making It Easy

Choosing to be a work at home dad is not an easy feat, especially when you are raising young children that demand attention throughout all hours of the day. Using a few strategies in working online and implementing some of the best tips for work at home dads is a way for you to open new doors to opportunities that allow you the time to spend with your children while also generating a potential full-time income. Using a work at home dads starter kit of ideas and blog links can give you the inspiration and insight necessary to move forward with your next money-making venture.

Amy Poehler’s Awesome Career Advice

Just when I thought there was no refreshing new advice on how to best manage your career – Amy Poehler stepped up to the plate. She covers a plethora of topics in her book “Yes, Please!” but one that jumped out at me was a chapter titled: Treat Your Career Like a Bad Boyfriend.

3 Reasons You Should Study Electrocardiogram!

Switching and picking majors is a “major” life decision, not to scare the potential switcher, but it definitely changes the course of your entire future. What to do when your career path or studies feel like singing the blues? Or better yet stuck in a rut! Your best bet is to consider switching to Electrocardiogram studies. Who doesn’t like medicine? Let’s face it, at this point the medical field is where the money is at. So let’s look closely at the top 3 reasons you should give this career path a shot!

Why A Job Promotion Is Not Coming Your Way – We Can Help

You may feel like your boss owes you a promotion. Perhaps you have been in the company for a long time, or you have put in a lot of hours recently. You feel like your efforts and commitments deserve some real acknowledgement, and that you should be allowed to advance in your career.

How To Find The Best Job For Stay At Home Dads

When looking at the past, one would see that most parents would either not work or they would have a job at a corporate office. Now, times have changed, and men and women can raise kids and work from home. While there are some limitations, it’s easy to make money working from home, and a stay at home dad should take these five steps to find the best stay at home jobs for his or her situation.

Tips to Get Hired As a Medical Transcriptionist Today

Who doesn’t want to work as a medical transcriptionist? Flexible hours, your own choice of working conditions, challenging situations – these are but a few of the reasons so many people want to be medical transcriptionists these days. However, not every individual gets hired right away.

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