Are You Contemplating a Career Change?

If you’re dissatisfied in your current job or career, you may be tempted to push those feelings aside. But what happens when the dissatisfaction grows? It really can affect your quality of life. It may even keep you from what you’re truly meant to do. There are options. It all starts with you and what you really want. Are you ready for a career change?

The 5-Second Trick to Getting Your Cover Letter Noticed

When you are trying to find the ideal financial advisor job, the process starts with a good resume and cover letter. The problem is that thousands of other candidates are also using good resumes and cover letters to get themselves noticed. What you need to do is separate yourself from everyone else by offering something that will grab the attention of any finance industry recruiter who may see your resume. There is a 5-second trick you can use that will have your phone ringing with interview offers right away.

Major Career Trends of the Future

I look at how traditional careers are being disrupted and in some cases eliminated. I offer a view of future career trends with some suggestions for how careerists can plan accordingly.

Start a New Career Through a Level 2 Gym Instructor Course

When it comes to making a career move, it can be really tricky. You know you’d be good at it, you’ve got transferable skills and all your hobbies focus around the area you’re looking at, but you don’t have any practical experience in that area. Even basic jobs seem to want you to have at least two years’ experience (or a super specific qualification), and there’s just no way you can think of bridging the gap between your experience and what they want you to know.

From Employee to Consultant – At Your Current Company

If retirement is approaching more quickly than you had planned, it may be time to be creative about managing the transition. Set it up so you can become a consultant for your current company — meeting company needs and your own at the same time. Here’s a three-step plan.

12 Job Hunting Tips for 2014

This is the year you find that job that advances your career and makes you feel like you are getting ahead in the corporate world. As a financial advisor, you want to make a move that makes sense for your career. These days, there are new methods and new tools that job hunters are using to make that next leap to the job of their dreams. Check out the newest ideas for job hunting and enhance the efforts of your finance industry recruiter.

5 Things to Consider When Planning for Sonographer Career Advancement

Many Diagnostic Medical Sonographers spend their careers working in imaging departments at hospitals, clinics and physician officers. However, there are options for advancement with the right preparation in terms of education and the ability to show required experience. The sonographer can become a department head or other administrator, specialize in one or more areas of sonography, become a faculty member in an instructional program, or work in private industry.

Factors Impacting Registered Nurse Salary

Nursing Career is a noble profession because when you choose to be an RN, you devote your life and skills to care and serve others from birth to death. Your duty requires you to provide competent health-care services and improve the quality of life. As an RN, you must bear the qualities of compassion, humble, and caring nature, and administer treatments to people from all the age group and spheres of life.

Discover What Is Holding Back Your Career and Take Action Now

It is possible that at some point in your career you are going to feel blocked, stalled, or going nowhere. When that occurs you can use it as a time to reflect and redirect your focus, or you can become frustrated and do nothing to change the conditions. Any time you believe you are not getting the results you hoped for, whether or not you have tried to change your approach, you can use it as a warning sign. This is a wake-up call that indicates some aspect of your career plan needs to be adapted or altered in some way. It could be an internalized belief or expectation that needs adjustment, or it may mean your career plans are due for a reevaluation. When you experience a feeling of being held back, it is time to create a strategy for your professional self-improvement.

7 Tips to Make You Love Your Job

If you can’t change career, the next best thing to do is love it. A little effort is all that you need.

Think You Have Job Security? 3 Reasons to Write Your Resume NOW

In the world of work, there are too many uncertainties and conditions out of your control; therefore, you need to plan to manage your career actively. Never assume work conditions will remain the same. Job security is never guaranteed. Your resume should be reviewed and updated annually. Do it before you have an urgent need because hastily written resumes cause you problems. A professional Resume Writer could save you time and disappointments because they have access to resources and skills to accomplish your goals and position you for opportunities. Even unexpected opportunities.

3 Things to Do Before Working With an Engineer Recruiter

When you want a job in the engineering field, it can be advantageous to work with an engineer recruiter. So that you don’t waste your time and the time of the recruiter, there are some things that you can do. When you take the time to focus on your resume and your interview skills, you can ensure that you are the best possible candidate for open positions – and nail your dream job.

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