How Much Do Loan Officers REALLY Make? | How To Become A Loan Officer

Recognition and Respect on the Job Are Key Motivators

It may happen to everyone at one time or another. You are diligently working in a position where you enjoy the work, but despite your best efforts, you just can’t seem to please your boss. So now what?

Work/Life Balance Strategy: Find Family-Friendly Workplaces

Do you want a career, family, and self-fulfillment? Your workplace culture and employment benefits can affect your choices and life goals outside of work, such as when to have children. This is why men and women who know they want to “Have It All” should seek out workplaces and employers that already make family-friendliness a priority, even before they are ready to make the leap into parenthood.

3 Important Questions To Ask At Your Job Interview

At any good good interview there comes a point in where the job applicant is asked, “do you have any questions for me?” This is a tipping point that can go in your favor if you show that you have researched the company and care about the job itself more than the paycheck or benefits. It doesn’t have to be scary, deer-in-the-headlight feeling, though. However, you do want to come prepared with questions to ask during your interview. Here are three questions you can ask that will make you feel more confident during the Q&A part of the interview.

Nine Questions to Help Build a Bridge to a Semi-Retired Career

Invariably, when I speak with people of a “certain” age, generally 50+, about the concept of semi-retirement, they LOVE the idea. And, it has never occurred to them before.

Suggested Books to Help Realize Your Ultimate Career Goals

There is a wealth of career advice available at the bookstore. A career management coach introduces you to those she recommends to her clients.

9 Ways To Reach Federal Wealth and Success

Every month I eagerly await my subscription to Success Magazine. I love this magazine because every month it comes in the mail with a CD filled with interviews filled with success tips.

12 Ways To Achieve Federal Wealth and Success

Last week, I wrote a post listing nine things federal employees can do to reach their income potential. This week, I list the last 12 habits based off the book, Rich Habits – The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, by Tom Corley. They are: *You Reject Self-Limiting Thoughts – Successful people command their thoughts and emotions.

The Importance of Executive Coaching

In a corporate world, executive coaching is important to mold its personnel. It is a way to know the strengths and weaknesses of the employees. By this information, coaching helps the employees to use and improve themselves to become a better individual in the corporate world. There is a lot of competition in the industrial world and it does not stop as long as there are newly graduates and promoted employees. There are competitions in every company and an employee needs to be competent to survive in staying with his or her job. An employee does not need to stay or stop learning but should enhance him or her to learn more and become a better employee. If the employee grows in his or her own, the company will also benefit from it by having good personnel.

Career Advice: Top Five Online Job Search Tips for Landing the Perfect Job

Do you need help with searching for jobs online? Learn these five tips and you will improve your job search skills and land the perfect job.

9 Reasons to Use a Career Coach

Many people are reluctant to seek out the services of a career coach. But, why would you make decisions about your career without some expert advice? People use expert advice for many things, from financial issues to diet to college. Why not use a career coach for one of the most important parts of your life – your career.

The Key To Successful Personal Branding

The financial advisor has become one of the hottest employment positions in the nation, with the opportunity to make six-figure incomes, increase personal knowledge and participate in a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about reaching their full potential. Personal branding provides a critical framework for allowing you to market your knowledge and experience to a finance industry recruiter to get the position you need to reach your personal goals.

Can A Job Skills Assessment Help You Find the Perfect Career?

Our abilities, interests, and motivations can change over the course of our careers. Find out why many workers take a job skills assessment in order to find a new career or to polish up their abilities when returning to the workforce.

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