How Much Do Models Get Paid?

Three Key Concepts

It was several years ago that I had a wonderful conversation with my friend’s husband. He had taken a number of training courses through his employer and was willing to share some of the things that he had learned. I have thought about and used that information many, many times over the years and now share it with you.

Six Non-Skilled Online Retail Company Jobs You Can Apply For Now

Find a job within the online retail environment easily. See what knowledge you need to work in specific roles within the Online Retail Environment. Search for online retail stores within your environment and apply. Apply for specific roles as indicated with the pre-requisite certification.

Soft Skills Are Sexy

While your core expertise and skill sets will get you through the door for a new opportunity, they’re not necessarily what will keep you memorable to land it. It’s the soft skills that drive relationships and how you show up which people can feel.

New Biller’s Organization Is One of the Keys to Success

In a new position as a Medical Biller, one of the best things you can do is to keep a notebook. Which will ultimately end up the equivalent of your office bible. I know that we are electronic everything but we are not always in front of a computer or have a pad in hand so this notebook will come in real handy. It will contain valuable tips and tricks for your day-to day workflow.

Top Quality Welder and Still No Job?

It’s not longer just enough to produce a quality weld. Unknown to many job seekers is that the interview starts before you even get to speak with someone.

How to Use Mastermind Groups to Grow Your Career or Business

Joining “Masterminds” help business leaders and entrepreneurs powerfully see more growth in their careers or businesses. Credited by successful business leaders and entrepreneurs as the single-most strategic tool they have implemented to build their careers or businesses, taking them to high levels of growth and subsequent wealth.

How to Go From Worker Bee to Gutsy Thought Leader

While there’s nothing wrong with being the trusted go-to player, you may reach a certain career stage when you want to be more than a worker bee. How to reinvent yourself leveraging your on-the-ground experience to move into a senior-level role a la a gutsy thought leader.

Is Life Worth Living If You Are Not Doing What You Love?

A friend of mine in the army gets so excited about being deployed that I shake my head every time he talks about going back to “war” zones. I remember thinking out loud when he recently told me that he is getting ready to deploy: Who in their right mind would want to do that? (knowing that he might never come back) The answer is: Someone Who LOVES what he does!

Superstar Women and the Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever thought the last major accomplishment you just slam dunked at work was just luck? There’s no chance you’re repeating that last win again? Wondering if you’re really worth the salary your skills are valued at?

4 Ways to Position Yourself to Move Into Leadership

Most professionals who are entrenched in their function for years reach a stage of being too comfortable where they are. They don’t recognize common career blind spots that can be costing them exciting leadership opportunities.When considering a move into leadership, there are several ways to avoid underselling yourself.

3 Ways Quiet Female Leaders Can Unleash Their Potential

Gutsy Leadership Moves. If you have been flying under the radar far too long, yet know in your gut you have the chops to add incredible value to a leadership role, it may be time to unleash your potential.

New Year’s Resolutions May Not Always Work, But Macro Action Plans Do

New Year’s resolutions don’t always work. One of the biggest reasons is because they don’t pack the power that Macro Actions Plans do. Learn the keys to success in 2016, starting with developing your business’ first Macro Action Plan.

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