How Much do New Twitch Affiliates Make?

Asking My Boss For More Money: The Power Of 3

I’m very proud of coming up with this pay raise program. It is a simple system, yet powerful! The effect of using the Power of 3 System is that it adds fire power to your pay raise meeting with your boss, while setting the basis for the discussion with a home run.

Negotiating A Pay Increase At Your Job: How Do You Respond To A Low-Ball Offer?

Many of you feel and fear that your boss will, at best, offer a token or substandard raise. The fear comes in not knowing how to handle that situation and not knowing the art of negotiating it higher… especially much higher.

3 Things an IT Recruiter Does for You

When your degree is in IT and you are searching for a job, it is important to use an IT recruiter. It doesn’t cost you anything because they are paid by the company that eventually hires you. This means that they are simply working for you in order to fill the job openings that they have been hired to do. They are going to save you a significant amount of time and help you to find a better job – and usually a better paying job. There are three things that an IT recruiter will do for you that you wouldn’t be able to do for yourself.

Are You a ‘Monday Blues Member’?

We’ve all been victims to the Monday morning blues. The fresh start to the week. Your weekend is over and it’s taken every ounce of energy just to get out of bed in the morning, never mind a full week at work; the countdown to Friday has begun!

Taking A Management Role Might Not Be Everything You Thought!

Sometimes people accept management roles because they feel it is the next prescribed step on a career path, yet it might not be the right choice. Management comes with challenges that not everyone enjoys and often they would be better to follow a career path as a specialist, or expert in their field, rather than as a manager.

SAP and Its Different Modules

SAP jobs are among high paying profiles in varied industries. You can go on to find may profile within the SAP jobs. Know more about SAP jobs and apply for them.

Seven Attributes The HR Professional Must Possess – A Passage to The Coveted Spot

A great deal has been penned about the need for the HR Function to become a ‘Strategic’ business partner. A lot of brouhaha has been around on why the HR Pros do not make it to the Board of Directors or to the ‘Think Tank’. It is a time to dispel all doubts about the competence of the HR Pros to lead the business. Let the Top Management experience HR Heads as ‘able’ to link HR parameters & business and as ‘adding’ immense value to the business with a sensible outlook. The current times are about ‘diversity’ and HR Pros can surely bag the ‘coveted’ position by being diverse in their approach to the ‘Business of HR’. I see a new trend under the conception on the time horizon that will emerge in the coming few years. Three cheers for the HR Pros.

Why Working Hard Matters for Your Career

There is a worn-out cliche that talks about the importance of working smarter and what that has done is to negate the benefits of working hard. Hard work is the backbone of any career and parents often tell their children to work hard and be responsible. Over time, and when productivity habits set in, the effort exerted may become conditional. I have worked as a career coach for several years and heard many reasons why someone quit working hard. It may be due to a “bad” boss, poor working conditions, a lack of a pay increase, not receiving recognition, and the list continues. While there may certainly be merit to these feelings, it serves no real purpose to make working hard a conditional characteristic. If you care about your career development then working hard needs to be a top priority.

A Great Career Enhancer: PMI Certification

When it comes to job search and offer negotiations, a certification can provide you with an added edge and one-two punch over the other candidates. Nearly every industry has their own brand of certification but a PMI certification can apply to and assist with virtually any field of expertise. According to PayScale.

Benefits That Online Jobs Assure

To work online is one of the lures that this generation has got. There are many benefits that come along with these online jobs, so why not discover all of them.

How to Stay Motivated As an Entrepreneur: 5 Definitive Tips

Aspiring entrepreneurs can easily get pumped up when starting a new venture especially after reading about the numerous success stories of people who were previously in their position. The odds however, are not always in one’s favor. Some young entrepreneurs face frustrations from time to time, which crush their aspirations in business. Although some may argue that it’s all about passion for the venture, the truth is that success does not come easy. Frustrations, tiredness and as well as the feeling of being in the wrong industry can be expected, but the aim is to stay committed and motivated. Self-motivation and encouragement to overcome a slump phase can be got in a number of ways. Here are some definitive tips:

10 Good Questions to Ask During Your Job Interview

Stumped when asked, “Do you have any questions for me?” during your job interview? Provided are 10 questions you can ask that will make you appear prepared and highly invested in your career.

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