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Niche Markets Bring Success to Solopreneurs

Developing new markets is essential for all Solopreneur consultants and business owners. It is necessary to be aware of major trends and even significant fads, for there is money to be made over the long or short-term. How does one learn about the existence of potentially promising niche markets?

Four Key Attributes of a Successful Intrapreneur: C.O.O.L

As you observe the successful intrapreneurs around you, you will see that they embrace four key attributes: Collaborative, Open-mindedness, Owner’s mind-set and Loving what they do. These are what I termed as “C.O.O.L” attributes that will set the foundation of a successful intrapreneur.

Growing Economy and Development of Lucknow to Fuel Job Prospects

Lucknow famously called as ‘City of Nawabs,’ is the capital city of the Indian state, Uttar Pradesh. It is the eleventh most populous city of India and the most in U.P. It is an essential centre of government, education, commerce, aerospace, finance, pharmaceuticals, technology, design, cuisine, tourism, art & culture.

The SCARF Model to Make Sense of Your Life at Work

Discover the SCARF model of the brain to help you decode your discomfort (and that of others’) in the office. Find out how Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness and Fairness influence your reactions but also can become tools for you to develop remedial strategies at work and enjoy your professional life more!

Career Transition Abroad Made Easy

Is it time to change my job? Is it time to start a new career? How many times did you ask yourself those questions? You have managed to get your first job in your new host country and spent some years working for the same company – but now you feel unsatisfied and know that you have much more to offer.

Learning to Juggle

When we’re young, we all learn to play catch. As we get older, we often find that it’s not such an easy game to play; some people throw too hard, others keep throwing you curve balls you have to stretch to catch, others simply keep dropping the ball. Some of us get to the point when we get tired of the game and decide to cut out the middle man. Why keep playing catch when you can keep all the balls in the air yourself? At least you can take control of the game. So we decide to become jugglers…

Think References Don’t Matter?

This article highlights the need for references in any job search/management and strategy effort. The importance of references goes far beyond giving positive feedback. The networking and contact connections are equally important with references.

10 Tips for Job-Hunters

1. The main difference between effective and ineffective job hunting is not caused by any external factors (such as a difficult labour market) but by the way you are looking for a job.

3 Effective Tools to Answer the Question of What’s Next in Your Career

At different phases of our life, we would have different priorities. The priorities in life have a direct impact on the path that we chart for our career. It is critical to start with the end in mind. The answer to the question: “Am I on the right path?” is often not as straight forward.

Is a Bachelor’s Degree Still Worth It? (Part 1 of 3)

Despite all the criticisms leveled at the beleaguered liberal arts degree, there is still value in a humanities degree. Statistics show that university degree holders earn, over the long term, greater incomes than those with just a vocational or college diploma.

Thriving in the DIY Economy

It’s no secret – the 21st century economy is changing as fast as the quickly evolving world we work and live in. Learn how to thrive in a DIY Economy while you build your business, community and opportunities!

3 Things Your Boss Never Says to You, But Should

If you have a job, you probably have a boss. This poor person is who we most often vent to or blame for dissatisfaction with a job that sucks regardless of the reason. They hear it all and regularly take the fall for issues that arise with their employees. But have you ever stopped to think about the role YOU play in your office drama? Is it possible that your behaviors, attitude, appearance or skillset may be causing your own problems-and creating massive stress for your boss?

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