How Much Do Quants Make?


Often I hear students and people in other industries talk about how quants are all paid extremely well and they wish they could be a quant. I’ve even seen a person on YouTube argue with myself and other quants about how quants are making $150k+ starting salary and how they will eventually be making over a million dollars a year.

This person mentioned they had an MBA and tried quoting random salaries for top positions as starting positions. Quants do make good money but most of us will never make seven figures. The truth about being a quant like any other job is that the degree only gets you in the door and may help slightly in the future.

The real determinate of how much money you’ll make is a combination of degree type, years of experience, personality, intelligence, past company reputations, and network contacts. At the end of the day those making seven figures are usually CEOs and Founders and could be in any industry.

Can a Good CV Help to Secure Employment?

With so much to think about when applying for a job it can be easy for a candidate to forget the basics of writing a CV. But how important is a good CV when it comes to trying to secure employment? And can a CV affect your job interview success rate?

5 Ways Your Voice May Be Sabotaging Your Success

Some years ago, Barbara Walters interviewed Kathleen Turner, commenting on Turner’s “low, wonderful voice.” The actress responded that she could not understand how a woman could spend thousands of dollars on her clothing, hair, and makeup and not spend some of that money on her voice, as she imitated a whiny, nasal sound in the process.

Freelance Writing Career: It Takes Discipline

So you’ve decided to go freelance with your writing skills. You’ve carved out a quiet space in your home or apartment where you can work without distractions, and you’ve assembled all the furniture, fixtures and office equipment you need for your “writer’s cave”. What may be missing is DISCIPLINE.

How to Find and Experience Personal Career Fulfillment

Personal career development is a concept that is related to a fluid and often elusive state of being because it is tied to an emotion of happiness. If you were to ask someone if they are fulfilled because of the work they are doing, it is possible that the answer can frequently change because of their feelings. For example, if a person enjoys their work and they are receiving recognition in the form of job advancement, an above average performance review, or any other type of reward, they will likely state that they are fulfilled. However, if a person is experiencing frustration or negative interactions at work their sense of fulfillment can be diminished.

What You Should Know About Teaching Jobs In Foreign Countries

Teaching jobs overseas provide a fantastic opportunity for educators to gain experience and broaden their horizons. Here’s how to apply and what to expect.

Chennai for a Fast Track Growth in Careers

Chennai has emerged as a commercial hub. With its location on the east coast of India, it is accessible by ports all over the Globe enabling it to set-up industries and factories which require ports for logistical support, which is one of the driving forces behind its growing economy. This article will give you an overview of Chennai’s booming economy.

Ten Things to Consider About Your Career Decision

In a competitive environment, career decisions are often considered as one of the most important things defined by society. However, we know that not everyone’s career decisions are smooth sailing. Things to consider while deciding a career path and developing an effective strategy for career goals.

Discover Your Leadership Qualities

Think you have leadership qualities? Are you able to motive others and are willing to take full responsibility of your team? You may have an abundance of leadership qualities just waiting to be discovered and enhanced.

Getting Fired

A high profile “firing” at Manchester United is the catalyst for a discussion about getting fired. The discussion talks about expectations, about meeting those expectations and about the increased pressure in a high profile role. I try to tie this incident back to the business world.

The Good Wife – Which Female Character Best Describes Your Abilities at Self-Promotion?

I recently saw a posting on a well-known social media site regarding female self-promotion. As I read through the numerous comments by the various readers, it brought to mind the 2 top female characters on The Good Wife.

Choosing a Career As a Radiation Therapist Vs Ultrasound Technician: Schooling, Salary and Jobs

Radiation therapists and ultrasound technicians are both Allied Health positions, but they have quite different job responsibilities. The radiation technician treats cancer and other diseases that may respond to radiation treatments through the delivery of external beam therapy. The sonographer focuses on using ultrasound equipment to take images of soft tissues and systems for diagnostic purposes.

Six Steps on How to Overcome Career Failure and Regret

Some of us struggle with career related challenges at some point, some more so than others. A serious career challenge would be dissatisfaction with where you are at the moment in terms of career. Or facing a major career setback such as retrenchment, made redundant, lack of opportunity, not qualified enough, and a variety of other issues.

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