How Much Do Sam and Nia Make on YouTube

How to Face Group Discussion

Well, a very important factor that you must keep an eye on is your confidence. When ever you are in a face to face group discussion be confident, understand the topic and then put on your views. At times, we jump into a discussion without bothering much about the subject matter, that is where we go wrong!

Asking For a Pay Rise – The Complete Guide to Getting That Pay Increase

How do you ask for a pay rise? Here is the complete guide on how to get a pay rise without having to beg for it. Getting a pay rise is about timing, location, what to say, how to say it, and how to respond back if your boss says no.

Get Paid to Travel As a Tour Guide

How would you like an all expenses paid trip around the globe? Visiting foreign lands, meeting interesting people and exploring new places?

10 Questions to Ask That Will Rock in an Interview

Interviews often times have job seekers feel like they have been through the wringer with all the questions thrown at them. The one-sidedness of the interviewer inquisition leaves the interviewer having nightmares later on with what they should have said or asked.

Business Owners – Set Yourself Free and Have Peace of Mind!

Learn the secret of how to succeed in life in 3 simple steps. A proven technique that will set yourself free and have peace of mind.

Embracing the Challenges and Opportunities That Come With a New Boss

Taking on a new boss or new position opens you up to many new opportunities and challenges. The key here is to take advantage of the new situations that will arise for you on a new job. The relationship that you establish with the new management could help you advance to higher positions, and make the working atmosphere a bit more pleasant. Here is some advice that we feel could help you create that bond.

When to Dress Down For a Six Figure Job Interview

This piece of job career advice may shock and amaze some executive recruiters and so called HR experts. However there are some cases when it may actually pay to dress down for your next six figure job interview.

Airlines Hiring Flight Attendants – Where Do You Look?

Airlines hiring flight attendants are besieged with applications as soon as they advertise. Adding to the constant stream of applications that arrive weekly it makes for an extremely competitive industry to break into and therefore can attract ‘other organizations’ offering services to supposedly ‘fast track’ you at a considerable cost.

Advancement in Your Job Through Career Development

If you haven’t already participated in some form of career development, it’s time to jump on the band wagon and jump start your career. Career development programs are a great way to advance forward in your current position, and look great added to your resume. They enhance your already expert skills and keep you up to date on recent events in your field. Whether classes or sessions are offered by your company or outside entities, they are well worth looking into.

Dog Grooming Business Equipment and Supplies List

Dog grooming is an interesting job with many benefits. If you love to work with animals, this career is defiantly for you. To start a dog grooming business, one of the first things you with have to consider is obtaining all the right equipment for your business.

Why Should I Join LinkedIn?

If you haven’t joined LinkedIn by now, you should. There are over 65 million professionals involved in LinkedIn, making it the most significant online business network around. How can LinkedIn benefit you? With your career development, networking, job search, and interview preparation.

Use These Tips to Protect Your Time From Waste!

For an engineer, wasted time in the workplace can have disastrous results. Understanding what causes wasted time can lead to a more productive workplace that allows more time for an engineer’s professional and personal growth.

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