HOW MUCH DO STYLISTS MAKE in the Personal, Fashion and Celebrity Styling Industry

What Is The Correct Way to Organize Thoughts and Reach Conclusions?

We often find ourselves in a situation, where, we have a lot of great ideas or we think something is great for our job or our career. But due to human nature, we forget them in a few days. The more thoughts we get, the more clutter we have in our mind. For making a decision, if one sits and tries to think, organizing the thoughts seems difficult; we often begin and re-begin due to confusion or distraction. What is the correct way to organize thoughts and reach conclusions?

Good Riddance to the One Page Resume

If you are in the job market and following the old advice to limit your resume to one page, what you are really limiting is your chances of getting the interviews you want. This article explains why this out-of-date style can hurt your chances of getting the job you want.

How Finance Recruiters Can Help With the Job Search

Finance recruiters have the ability to help you with the job search. When you are in need of a job, you need to send out resumes. Where do you send the resumes? What positions are you qualified? How much of a salary can you ask for? Whether you have been in the industry for years or you have just graduated college and entering the workforce for the first time, these are questions that you need to have answered.

4 Things Accounting Recruiters Can Do for You

When you are looking for a job as an accountant, an AR representative, or any other position within the accounting industry, accounting recruiters can assist you. Finding a recruiter will make it easier to find a job – and there are four things that they can do for you to help you find the job that you may have for many years to come.

Are You Failing at Your Profession?

In an ever-changing business world, your career could end because of competition, technology, new processes, etc. If you are not prepared for the imminent changes on the horizon, you may find yourself unemployable. This article outlines strategies to remain relevant in your career and practical steps to take for career development.

The Three Keys to a Highly Success Coaching Business

Learn the three secrets to owning a highly profitable coaching business. Make these changes and you’ll start seeing more money and more clients.

The Importance of Research in the Field of Massage Therapy

If you are a massage therapist, then you have more than likely heard about the Board Certification credential and the required courses. Research is a large portion of the continuing education materials. Board Certification was introduced on January 1, 2013. It was formulated by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, also referred to as the NCBTMB. Through the new Board Certification credential, massage therapy professionals who have an advanced level of education and experience can be recognized for their high level of expertise.

What Is One Sure Sign That You Have Found Your Ideal Career?

When you finally decide that you are ready for a career change, identifying a new one and getting it ‘right’ can be quite stressful. After all, if you go through with the process (a brave step by itself), you want to avoid making another mistake and instead choose a career that will bring long-lost joy into your working life. When clients start working with me, I see it in their eyes; they wonder: how are you going to identify something I have not succeeded in identifying over so many sleepless nights? What idea can you come up with that I have not dissected yet?

The Workaholic’s Guide to Success

Whether you love your job or simply tolerate it, it can take a significant amount of your time each week. While you may have fixed hours you also understand the reality of meeting job requirements and performance expectations, and it may mean working beyond 9 to 5. Some people will gladly put in the extra time, especially if it means they will maintain job security or possibly get ahead. And then there are people who will put in the extra time because of working for a demanding supervisor or manager, and their work must be completed – even if the workload is unrealistic. Regardless of the reason why you may put in extra time it can lead to becoming a workaholic. While there are some people who can handle working at a frantic pace, at some point everyone needs to take a break. However, it is still possible to be a workaholic and also be successful. The key to success is working in an efficient manner.

Luck Ain’t Gonna Be Enough for Your Career

A successful career isn’t the product of a good luck charm, a magic potion or even Feng Shui. We’re not talking about the kind of luck required to win the lottery here. No amount of universe-bestowed luck will get you a job.

5 Questions About Christian Life Coaching Training

Here’s a hot niche for you – Christian life coaching training. Niches are a great way to attract more clients and make more income as a life coach. With more and more people searching for a meaning in our ever complicated world, Christian life coaching just might be the next hot niche.

How To Ask For A Pay Raise: The Pschology Behind The Negotiating Strategy

Let me explain some of the psychology behind the negotiating strategy I have described in this series of tips. The reason you try to get your employer to make the first offer is to see where the firm stands and to determine how far off they are from your goal. It gives you more control, and knowledge is power. Sometimes a boss will give a very reasonable first offer and you can avoid the hassle of going back and forth. (Nonetheless, it is always best to avoid immediately accepting an offer. Ask to go home and think it over. It is always tough to think through all your options while in the hot seat.) In most cases, however, your boss’s first offer will not be reasonable, and you will need to start the negotiating process by asking for an unrealistically high amount. By doing so, you give yourself breathing room to come down.

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