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Career Change After 50 – Don’t Make These Mistakes

Almost everyone, at one time or another considers a career change. As we get over 50 the possibilities of a career change increases. Here are some career change mistakes that you do not want to make.

Travel Physical Therapy Job Search

Did you know you can use your training and experience as a physical therapist to enjoy a once- in-a-lifetime opportunity and find physical therapy jobs nationwide? With travel therapy companies, qualified physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech language pathologists will be able to make use of their qualifications, earn a good income, and travel to great places across the country. Whether you’re looking for a job in your home town or trying to find jobs that will allow you to travel, travel therapy companies are there to help fulfill your needs.

Objective, Summary, or Both?

Debates rage. Do you use an objective in your resume? Do you choose a summary instead? Why in the world would you use both? Here are some considerations for using one, the other or both.

Getting A Job With A Felony – 5 Application Tips For Success

Getting a job with a felony is tough. Here are 5 tips to help you fill out applications and improve your success.

Work Overseas As A Certified CNA Nursing Assistant

Nursing homes and hospitals are seeing a lack of CNA Certified staff to work both in full time and casual employment. Health institutions are finding extremely large demands from their patients and the principal nursing required are certified nursing assistants to work with senior staff. Positions are vacant worldwide in both hospitals and nursing institutions and if you choose to travel or work at home, at this time is the time to begin this sensational nursing career.

How Do the Proposed AHDI Changes Impact You?

January 19 will begin the balloting process for the restructuring of the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI). Today we’ll walk through the proposed changes and analyze what they mean to medical transcriptionists and the industry of healthcare documentation.

Medical Transcription: Embracing Change

Change, that word we all love to hate, right? When you think about the world of medical transcription, you realize it has always been about change.

Medical Transcription – Dealing With Difficult Dictators

Now and then we have a day that is just moving along great. The dictations we get are easy, the dictator speaks clearly and at a nice even pace, and we are truly “in the zone.” We begin to feel really good about our day and how it is going. Surely today will be the day that you have an awesome line count and are highly productive. And then, ZAP!

Sales CV

As a highly searched term on Google, does the good sales person need a Sales CV, and is a formal job application the best way to evidence your sales capability? The evidence suggests that good sales need to do more than just write a Sales CV.

Motivation – 8 Things You Can Do To Stay Marketable In the Job Market

I share 8 things you might want to do, some of it on a regular basis if you intend to stay competitive. 1. Learning on a continuous basis has no disadvantages, only advantages. When was the last time you read a book that helped become better at the job that you do? How often do you visit useful websites with “how to” information. You may need to consider going to school to get a professional qualification. You may be a driver right now, what stops you from pursuing a qualification keep your creative juices flowing.

Medical Transcription: Navigating the Fog

Last week, my husband and I made a trip to the mountain town of Cripple Creek. As we left town and headed up the mountain, the fog began to roll in.

Medical Transcription: How Does Technology Alter How We Do Things?

It’s been an interesting day with some conversations that I’d like to throw out to all of you. It’s not secret to this group that technology is changing our industry on a daily basis.

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