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Crack The CLAT, And Make It To Law School!

Class-12 is over, and one of the pivotal moments of life is right around the corner. Will you make it to college? Will you be able to crack the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT), and begin a fruitful career in law?

The Next Essential Skill

“Remember, the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running.” Those words from Olympic swimmer and author Sarah Connor capture the essence of a skill those wanting to thrive in the new world of work need.

Should You Give 110% on the Job or Your Best Effort?

There is a common workplace expression about putting in 110% performance as an indicator of maximum productivity, which is then used to identify the high performing employees and serves as a measurement tool. A common problem that is associated with this mindset, especially for those employees who are not operating at the same level as the top performers, is that it is an expression that can be highly subjective in nature to interpret and end up de-motivating some employees. You cannot control how others perform so the best approach is to focus on what you are responsible for and that is your own performance on the job. You can decide what matters most for your career – trying to achieve an unclear level of performance or functioning to the best of your capabilities while striving to learn more and putting in your very best effort.

How to Find A Right Career Path

Of all the major life choices, certainty in your correct career path is vital. As you near the completion of high school or college, there are resources to assist you in landing in that perfect niche. There are those fortunate few who know their gift or calling at a very early age.

So You Are a Law Aspirant in India? Read On!

Law as a career option can be extremely fulfilling and remunerative. Here is an article which shares essential information for law aspirants in India.

MBA Jobs in India to Grow Exponentially in the Near Future!

The India Skills Report 2015 compiled by Wheebox gives an account of the various skills in demand across different states and sectors. As for MBA jobs, 43.99 percent of candidates with MBA degree were found to be employable, after making them sit for the Wheebox Employability Skills Test (WEST).

Fresher’s Guide to Testing Jobs

Testing jobs are a gateway to a career in the IT industry. Depending upon your preferences, you can choose to make a transition into software development later or choose to remain a testing wizard for a lifetime. Thus, making it a good idea to start your first job in IT as a software tester. This article shall help you figure how you can get into testing jobs as your debut role in the IT industry.

The Business Thank You Letter

Thank you letters are an important step in relationship building and maintenance and an important building block of your brand, that is, what you are known for and the image you project to others. In business, one cannot underestimate the importance of expressing thoughts in writing. It is essential that a Solopreneur consultant know when and how to properly thank a client or colleague.

Why Everyone Is In Sales

You may not initially agree with this statement, but we believe everyone is in sales. Even if your job description doesn’t include selling products or services to customers, you are still in sales. As a professional, you are constantly selling yourself. Whether you’re currently employed or searching for a new position, every day is an opportunity to sell yourself to those around you.

Is Success Overrated or Do You Need It For Your Career?

If a person cannot itemize significant accomplishments, especially when their colleagues seem to experience success so easily, it may create a mindset of failure. The question then becomes this: is success overrated? It is important to acknowledge what you have accomplished in your career and feel good about what you have achieved, regardless of the level of significance or importance to others, which you can use as a source of inspiration. What needs to be established, for the purpose of maintaining a positive outlook of your career, is to understand what success really means, how it can be used as motivation instead of a tool for measurement, and then establish a point of focus on continual progress and self-development.

3 Easy Solutions for Women Looking for Career Advancement

Are you looking for solutions that will help you get noticed for more opportunities at work? Here a 3 easy solutions you can use right now inside this article.

5 Great Habits for Women Looking to Re-Energize Career and Life

Are you looking for ways to re-energize your career and your life? Then learn about 5 good habits that will help you accomplish this, right inside this article.

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