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Low Anxiety Work Opportunities for Elders

Required to retire at 65 or want to change to something much less intense with less hours? Then this short article is for you explaining low stress jobs for seniors.

Don’t Let Your Email Ruin Your Chances: Professional Email Etiquette

Most of today’s job searching and communication is done through the internet. While the blossoming of job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder has made it easier to find relevant jobs and facilitated easy communication with employers, it has also created a new set of rules concerning etiquette. It’s very important to communicate your professionalism through your email correspondence, and failing to do so could jeopardize your chances of getting the position before the hiring manager even has the opportunity to look at your resume. Keeping these etiquette tips in mind while writing and sending emails can help save you from eliminating yourself from the candidate pool.

Six Reasons to Pursue Travel Nursing Jobs

There are many opportunities for trained nurses to get travel nursing jobs. Here are six reasons to consider pursuing this option.

Dare To Attract Any Job

There are tips that can help you with everyday life that come from the famous book The Secret, which explains The Law of Attraction. In this case, we’ll relate them to job searching. See the job that you want as already yours.

The Early Bird Gets the Job

I started working at the age of 13, and I’m not talking about just babysitting jobs. I had a solid one-page resume by the time I graduated from high school at 16. With that said, I know how to build solid work experience and enjoy passing that knowledge on to others every opportunity I get.

10 Tips for Maintaining a Professional Attitude at Work

Staying professional at work can be a challenge, and maintaining that professional demeanor can be quite difficult at times. How do you manage that when the situation gets hard?

5 Steps to Gracefully Declining a Job Offer

After sending out what feels like hundreds of well written cover letters and resumes and going through multiple interviews, you receive a job offer. That is good news isn’t it?

How to Escape the Golden Handcuffs

I recently spoke with a women who shared this: “I am currently in a position that pays very well and supports my family but I am miserable. I am always working with hours that leave zero left for a work life balance. The stress level is becoming unbearable and is affecting me as a mother of 3 small children as well as my marriage.”

How To Have More Fun At Work

It is important to have fun at work. Since the recession had hit, many people have faced risks and uncertainty. What is an entrepreneur to do in such cases?

5 Successful Career Growth Strategies

Over the years I have learned a lot about achieving my own career goals. I have been extremely fortunate to work for and develop my own growth within some of the largest, most well-known and well reputed companies in the world (such as IBM) – as well as small startups and “mom and pop” shops. Throughout my tenure as a professional, I have been asked to coach and mentor many individuals as they progress throughout their career.

10 Part-Time Jobs That Have Great Pay

What part-time jobs pay better? Here’s a list of some part-time jobs that offers great pay. This is for high school or college students or those who want to earn extra money.

What Is a Dream Job and How to Land It?

This articles discusses what is a dream job and how to go about landing a position. This article also delves into myths that job seekers have and the realities that human resource personnel and hiring managers have.

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