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Setting The Tone For Success

A successful career depends on how you present yourself; first and foremost, as a person and secondly, how you present yourself as a professional. Success can come from many sources, but can usually only be maintained with the proper outlook and attitude.

How to Apply for Your Dream Cruise Ship Job

When applying for a employment on a cruise ship, your covering letter is the main impression the recruitment personnel will receive of you. By not sending a cover letter you are sending a message of laziness, not a decent first impression! The cover letter is essential as it helps hiring managers connect the dots by putting your resume into perspective and adding focus.

Self-Promote, Just Don’t Be a Braggart

I know, I know. Your parents taught you that bragging about yourself was impolite. In fact, Canadians as a whole are so modest that most often we feel quite uncomfortable when talking about our achievements. And the spinoff from this cultural trait is that people who are confident enough to brag are often perceived as arrogant, braggarts or plain egotistical. Nasty name-calling, to say the least.

Psychology Careers – What You Need to Know!

Regardless of our jobs, ages, or social status, we are all in need to a psychological help and counseling. Psychologists work in virtually every field, from management to education and even sports. Communication and interpersonal skills are the essence to be a good a psychologist.

Getting Through a Job Interview

It’s never easy going to a job interview. Here’s a background check on what should be done to do well in an interview.

Ego, Ego, Ego: Park It at the Office Door!

Did you ever watch a super achiever in action? Their theme is “It’s all about me!” Want to see a rescuer doing his or her stuff? They always have the answer to your predicament and want to make sure you follow their directives. “It’s really all about them”.

Log Book Advice To The New Truck Driver

Hey guys, Trevis here. I had a cup of coffee with a new driver who hired on with an intermodal company recently and he opened up to me about how he felt like he “couldn’t last”. When I asked him why he told me the boss of that company didn’t care about log book rules and would pressure the drivers into changing the logs to make them legal, while running the drivers sometimes almost around the clock and starting them again with very little rest, only a couple of hours from the time they got done!

Your New Career Is Only 3 or 4 Steps Away

If you are doing exactly what you like, stay there. If you want to do something else, look for someone who can help you achieve that dream. You may first have to hitch your career to a place that will help you pay for the school education you need. The time will come when you are too constricted there. You will have the school education. Next you need

The Top Business Opportunities That Really Make Money

Before deciding which top business opportunities are going to be the ones for you, ensure that you take some time to think about what it is you want to do with your life, exactly. Of course, it’s always easy to change your mind as there are no contracts, but it’s nice to be sure of what you want to do with your life.

8 Signs That You Will Be Laid Off Or Fired

The two main reasons for firing or laying off people are that they are not good enough, or they are too expensive. For either problem, some of the signs are the same.

Automotive Engineering: A Way to a Successful Career

One of the best courses nowadays is automotive engineering. It involves examining the operating standards of vehicles.

Bar Exam Strategies 101

Learn tips on how to ace the BAR exam. This article will outline the steps you need to take to pass the BAR on your first try.

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