How Much Does 1st Airborne Make on YouTube

Learn How to Deal With Losing Your Job

Dealing with a job loss is something that many of us will have to do, especially in the present economical climate where new jobs are far and between and competition for new positions is fierce. The way you behave after losing employment may set you off to a bad start in a search of new job but it may also empower you and increase your future career prospects.

How Much Construction Estimators Get Paid

Ever wondered how much a construction estimator gets paid? Let us tell you.

Construction Estimator Jobs Are on the Rise

Do you like numbers? If so you should seriously get out of the accounting business and move into construction estimating.

Unemployment Suggestions – How to Use Your Time When Unemployed

Have you recently found yourself in a position of unemployment? Although your first inclination is to take a well deserved rest, this is not a good idea. Structure your time, and work hard to find a new position. It is very easy to “get out of the groove” and by continuing a schedule, you will be doing yourself a favor, so that when you do get rehired, it will not be a huge adjustment.

Business Philosophy – Choosing a Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy is not a course at your local college! In fact, by choosing one, you could be drastically helping your business. Here are some tips on business philosophies and how to go about choosing one that is right for you!

The Working Conditions of Offshore Drilling

With the everyday threat of the unemployment rate rising, many men are seeking new ways to provide for their families and pay their monthly expenses. Men, who have never before thought about stepping onto a drilling rig of any kind, find themselves having to learn quickly how to become roughnecks.

Beware of False Dawns

The global credit crisis is something that effects all of us. The desire for it to be over is something that unites the overwhelming majority of us. But we must be careful that we do not start to see what we want to see from financial results.

Sacrificing Goals For Financial Stability – Take What You Can Get

In these tough economic times, the perfect career is often the first one that you can find. Too many people are looking for jobs, and not enough companies are hiring.

Career Change Strategy – Creating Your Personal SWOT Analysis

If you want to find and develop a satisfying career, you need to create a solid career change strategy and an important part of that is your personal SWOT analysis. Learn how to evaluate your strengths, your weaknesses, the opportunities which present themselves and the threats which could block your path to success.

Professionalism at Work – Emotional Maturity and Success in the Workplace

It may be difficult for some people to keep work at work and keep play at play. But these days, the line between professionalism and fun at work is getting a little blurry, as more people are spending more and more time on the job. Professionalism, though, is a must if you ever hope to be promoted in your company. Read on to find out how.

Getting Stuck in Your Job – How to Live Through the Worst Job Ever

The economy is in a terrible place. Jobs are more scarce than ever, and people are looking for them like they are on the hunt for gold. Obviously, this is not the time to quit your job without having another opportunity in place. However, if you have a job that you hate, it might be a challenge everyday to make it through without walking out the door. If you want to make the most of your job, no matter how miserable it might be, here are some things to keep in mind.

Freelancing – Do You Have What it Takes?

Freelancing can be done in many industries. The most popular, of course, are computer programming, website design, writing, editing, IT services, contracting, and construction. The term ‘freelance’ basically means that you go from one project to the next, and only get paid for the work that you actually complete.

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