How Much Does 50 Shades of Mom Make on YouTube

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Virtual Assistant?

As a VA, you will be working with a range of clients providing different types of support to each client. It is therefore imperative that you are an organised person who is able to switch between different tasks and work within different situations regularly.

Are You Among the 95% Who Have No Back Up Plan?

Creating a back up plan to your job is the most important move to make for your family and yourself. Take control of your economic destiny and stop being a victim.

Airline Careers – The Opportunities Are Global and Attractive

Airline careers have always been attractive but competitive to obtain. The global airline industry is emerging from the setbacks of the economy and bringing with it new opportunities for career seekers and as the future unrolls the predicted growth rate looks primed to see this to continue. Established airlines the world over offer their staff excellent benefits and while all workers receive varying packages, pilots and flight attendants have always been extremely well rewarded.

What Benefits Does Volunteering Bring?

When sitting in an office meeting, people can often start to think about doing things with their time that are a bit more worthwhile. Volunteering is a great way to do just that and can also provide a valuable opportunity to gain skills that will help workers improve their career prospects.

Chiropody Jobs Come After Years of Study

It is a specialist branch in medicine which is the study of foot care and the treatment of lower limb diseases and ailments. Chiropody or podiatry as it is also known, requires the student to go to college, medical school and take on further studying in a residency situation. The whole process can take between 3-5 years. As the degrees cover so many different parts of the foot, which has 26 individual bones as well as tendons and ligaments, the ankles are also included in the study.

Show Them, You Are Worth It – Job Hunting

Every job interview is different and should be approached with the attitude of I’m going to show them I’m worth it. In essence, we have to become salesmen and women, showing the prospective employer how good we are and what we can do for them. Stop wasting your time reading novels on “How to get your dream job”.

Relaxation – An Integral Component of a Successful Job Search Strategy

Right. Relaxation is going to land me the next great, high powered, challenging position. Well, yes it will if you make it part of your job search strategy.

Rewarding Massage Therapy Careers Offer Flexibility, Freedom, Promising Futures

Massage students like Brit Robinson find that massage therapy programs offer freedom, flexibility and the chance to own their own businesses. They can even provide the opportunity to travel the world. Read more for all a career in massage has offer.

I Want to Work As a Make-up Artist

Make-up artists are responsible for applying cosmetics to people in order for them to work in front of audiences. They may work in TV, films, for the theatre or on photographic shoots.

How to Become a Life Coach

Being a life coach means you have to be able to understand many different aspects of life. This includes a deeper understanding about family issues, relationship struggles and even spiritual discernment. This article will provide an overview of the process of becoming a life coach.

4 Tips That Guarantee Success in Your Change of Career

It is the change and also the unwillingness to change that many people cite as the reasons for not changing their jobs. The uncertainty in the economy is another reason why people still remain tied to their jobs.

The Importance of Maintaining the Right Work-life Balance

It’s a commonly-held belief that a hard worker is a good worker but in certain circumstances it’s also true that pressure to meet unrealistic deadlines can ultimately have a negative effect on productivity – and indeed the well-being of the worker in question. In potentially stressful roles where commission comes into play – sales jobs for example – there’s a tendency for many people to set themselves unachievable targets. When such targets are missed they berate themselves for having failed and vow to redouble their efforts going forward, and so the problem is exacerbated until something has…

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