How Much Does 618 Fishing Make on YouTube

Looking for a Change? Consider Travel Occupational Therapy Jobs

 Medical professionals are always going to be needed and after you’ve completed your qualifications to become an occupational therapist, there are many options available with regards to furthering your career! One excellent option many new grads are opting for are travel OT assignments. Working as a travel occupational therapist allows you to work in any number of cities all while doing what you love!

All Interview Questions Are Fair Game

Near the conclusion of a promising interview, the hiring manager of a small company asked the female applicant if she has children. Relying on information from former employee manuals, she promptly responded, “You’re not allowed to ask me that.” Guess what? She was wrong.

Quantify Your Accomplishments

In my years as a corporate recruiter, I often encountered salespeople who were able to talk a good game by highlighting their work activities in general, vague terms: “I call on key customers in major markets.” What impressed me more and what I was looking to hear were those statements that quantified one’s accomplishments: “I increased sales revenue by 45 percent annually over a three-year period.”

Unemployed And Overqualified For The Job? How to Respond

Have you experienced job rejection because you are overqualified? It is frustrating but this is an obstacle you can overcome.

How to Change Careers and Avoid Emotional Decision Making Mistakes

Changing careers can easily become overwhelming as you start to consider everything that is involved. Focus on decisions to learn how to change careers with confidence.

Is Competition Really Bad for You?

I have noticed a trend in education. The trend is to take competition out of the schools. The crazy idea is, competition erodes a child’s self esteem and they don’t feel good about themselves if they lose.

How to Choose Your Career

The articles below help you best tips and ways to choose right career. What would you do in your lifetime? Facing these choices, how you can be sure that your way is reasonable?

Accredited Institute – Catherine Hinds Institute Of Esthetics

The Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics is accredited by the ACCSCT and is a nationally recognized agency. It is situated in Massachusetts and for more than thirty years it provides one of the states’ best educational facilities for many who are pursuing a career as an esthetician. This institute has been on the cutting edge of advancement in the industry. It aims to keep students informed on the latest techniques, products, trends and the latest innovations. This school is worth considering if you are on a lookout for a cosmethology program.

4 Skills for Managing Time Efficiently

Everybody wants to succeed, wants to make a lot of money… especially the young. But to succeed, we need many elements.

Esthetician Schools in the Medical Field

If you have decided the esthetician career path, proper education is needed. Next, you need to decide where you should work whether be it in a beauty salons, day spas, dermatology offices and plastic surgery offices. For estheticians working in salons and day spas, they may obtain their training from school cosmetology programs. But those who want to work with doctors, it is a must to attend medical esthetician schools. Reason being that in a doctor’s office you will face procedures and situations that may not be required in a salon or day spa.

Effective Cyber Security Job Career Development: Small Federal Contractors

It is a fact that small businesses, not large businesses, create the overwhelming majority of jobs in this country and many analysts look to find out why this is true. This is particularly true in the world of Federal Contracting. For technical expertise such as Cyber Security, no matter how hard the government tries, it has failed to recruit the required number of Cyber warriors. The government is just too slow and inefficient to respond to the rapidly changing needs of the marketplace. The resulting shortage of qualified workers must be filled by contractors – large and small.

Ten Tips to Be Happy at Work

Many people today live hectic and stress-filled lives. Finding a balance between work and life and having a career with purpose and meaning is a challenge. Most of us are so busy trying to juggle so many balls that we fail to focus on what matters most. We live in the past or future and don’t savor the present moments that bring us joy and fulfillment.

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