How Much Does A Day in the Life of a 69 Make On YouTube

Lessons Learned From Mark Sunday

Introducing myself to Mark Sunday before listening to him speak may have had a lasting impact on me. However, what I have taken away from his talk, surpassed the fact that I had the opportunity to shake hands with the CIO of Oracle! I am willing to share snippets of what I enjoyed at very much appreciated school event.

Outline Of The Advantages and Issues Of Taking A Year Working Abroad

I am writing this to help anyone else who finds themselves needing to decide whether to take an overseas placement. This article aims to help people understand the benefits and problem of working abroad, which will assist them in making the decision. Hopefully, my example will give them the opportunity to make a better informed decision.

Graduate Career Opportunities in Scotland

Tips and advice for recent and soon-to-be graduates seeking career opportunities in Scotland. Information for students of varied academic backgrounds.

How to Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication skills are an important part of your career as an IT professional. Improving them may just be the most beneficial thing you can do to advance your career.

Inefficiency: The Reasons Why

Recent economic conditions in the United States have produced a problem that is hardly widespread in times of prosperity; namely, personnel layoffs of indefinite duration. With hourly paid workers, particularly those who belong to a union, some predetermined plan is put into effect at the time of layoff. In most instances seniority prevails.

The Importance of Networking As a Part of Your Job Search

The importance of developing a network will greatly enhance your potential to gain employment. I have outlined several steps that will help in the development of a strong network helping you find a good job.

3 Critical Tips For Workplace Success

How essential are favorable interpersonal relationships on the job? Do you know exactly which relationships are allowed in the workplace, and what behaviors are not? Maintaining proper relationships among employees is critical for the success of the company and the individual employee, and for maintaining a favorable work environment. Exercising effective interpersonal communication skills and professional behavior helps ensure success for all parties involved in a company.

Agile Vs Waterfall

One of the biggest discussions in IT project teams lately is the discussion of which software development methodology to use – waterfall or agile? If this has left you a bit confused, or if you just want to know what the differences are, read on.

Are You Ready For A Better Career?

The economy is still in a stew, and people are clinging desperately to the incomes that they have. Unfortunately, bad things happen, but we can learn to make the best of them. If you’ve been stuck in a job you hated, one that ate up your family time or where you were undervalued, being liberated is the perfect time to explore new career options.

How To Become A System Administrator

A system administrator is an important part of the IT department in any company. They are respected, well paid, and even have a national day named after them! Find out how to become a system administrator in this article.

Medical Assistant Job: Outlook, Description, Demographics And Openings

In today’s economy where unemployment has reached unheard of heights it is important to go into a field of study in which the job outlook looks promising. Jobs for medical assistants fit this bill and have a promising future through the year 2020 based on information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most of the top five jobs projected to grow in the next decade are in the health field and at 31 percent growth the jobs for medical assistants are anticipated to grow faster than the national average.

Don’t Quit, Negotiate

I was in project avoidance mode at work when I started poking around the Wall Street Journal online. I came across an article entitled, “Quit: Do It Now” by Heidi Grant Halvorson, a social psychologist. I jumped a bit and wondered, “Do I have to?” I really didn’t want to work on my project, but did I have to quit? What did she know that I didn’t?

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