How Much Does A Foreigner in the Philippines Make on YouTube

How to Face UPSC Interview?

Facing an interview after succeeding in a competitive exam is the biggest challenge for a candidate, which is the turning point for his future. Well, take UPSC exam; the candidates who are supposed to face the interview are very talented, which has made them get through the toughest exam conducted in India.

Earn Income By Being A Freelance Writer

Can you handle words with ease? Then you can make some extra money online by being a Freelance Writer. A degree in English is not required if you thought it might.

Tips To Help Land A Job Promotion

Loving a job does not always mean that you have to stop at the position you are currently in. Neither does it dictate the limits by which you have to be imprisoned. In fact, being stellar in the profession paves the way to greater opportunities such as moving ahead of colleagues. Getting a promotion is what every employee dreams of. Aside from being outstanding in carrying out assigned tasks though, there also remain a number of other requirements relating to personality, attitudes, and traits. The competition in workplaces is sometimes too high that most workers end up driven by the will to overtake others rather than gain respect from them.

Find Career Opportunities by Enhancing Your Small Business Job Search

Consider small businesses for your next career. Align with the entrepreneurial vision and give yourself the edge with these companies who contribute the majority of new jobs to the economy.

Getting a Job As a Minibus Driver: Things You Need

Minibus Hire London employees often enjoy some freedom that comes with self-employment. There are many requirements, however, and the instructions are as follows.

Women and Men Need to Find Jobs

You will see that in the olden days those women don’t need to work, as most of them use to be housewives. But you will see that the times have changed and most women now work just like men. If you require a job or a good type of career for yourself then you will see that you will need a bit of help for yourself and then you will able to get the right type of job you require for yourself but make sure that you get the information and then you should note down the key…

Getting the Job

You might have an impression resume written on a piece of paper but a wonderful resume can only get you through the initial stage of applying for a job. The real challenge is how you get through the series of interviews that follows. For you to survive a competitive job application, here are some things that will help you keep an edge from others.

10 Point Resume Checklist

Before you submit your resume to any job posting, or send it to any recruiter or hiring authority, make sure your resume is ready for the scrutiny it is about to receive with this “10 Point Resume Checklist.” The goal of the resume is to win interviews. The goal of the interview is to win a job offer. The more job offers you have, the more leverage you have in the marketplace.

Where Can Jobseekers Meet Executives?

At a recent job search workshop, an attendee asked where to meet executives in person. First of all, I assume that one is looking for executive hang-outs so they can meet executives to ultimately develop a productive, long-term relationship. If that is the case, then my first advice is not to limit yourself to live gatherings but to remember the value of online networking as well.

Don’t Just Find Your Dream Job – Create It!

Sounds great, doesn’t it? You’re the boss, doing something you love and earning a living too. It can’t possibly be that easy, or can it?

Stop Having A Frustrating Career

Are you having a tough time in your career? Have you been laid off and are still looking for work? Are you overworked, stressed, and tired in your present position, and are unable to visualize a solution? Sometimes we believe it is the economy’s sole fault that we are having such a difficult and frustrating time. And, we have a long list of evidence to prove our beliefs. People around us are getting laid off or can’t find a job. Every day another upsetting story appears that reinforces our fear.

Already Looking for Your Next Job? Get Started Now

Are you unemployed, unhappily employed, or underemployed? If you are, this is the time to get your job search in gear. Below are some tips to help you get started:

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