How Much Does a Game Tester Get Paid


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Game testing, a subset of game design, is an important software testing procedure for the quality assurance of computer games. In this job role, the individual will be involved in scrutinizing the various features of games while they are being developed. In addition, he/she is responsible for finding bugs in the games and reporting them to the game’s developers. The main task of game testing is the detection and documentation of game defects.

As game companies are always in the lookout for fresh game testers, paying for the services of a professional game tester is not a hard nut to crack. Although it is true that game companies do lay heavy stress on paying for the services of testers, the amount paid actually depends on the work performed by the testers. The amount paid to a game tester also depends on the game company’s budget. However, paying for the services of a professional game tester can cost game studios a fortune! Therefore, it is necessary to find out how much a game tester pays actual costs.

Let’s Talk How Much Does a Game Tester Get Paid

To start with, you need to know about the market demand and supply of game tester. This is because the game industry is growing phenomenally and there is no dearth of jobs. However, the number of available jobs is far fewer than required to satisfy the increasing demands. This has resulted in a burgeoning demand and supply of tester jobs. Therefore, it becomes imperative to find out how much they pay before signing up for the testing jobs.

How much you get paid also depends on how much you put in. Most people think that the higher the level of experience the more money they will get paid. However, the amount of work does not solely depend on the level of experience but is also dependent on the time spent on the job. Experienced and professional testers spend most of their time on the job and hence get paid more.

The common experience for a game tester is to play games for a couple of hours and then report on the state of the game. They do not necessarily have to complete the job in one day. They are paid on a performance-based scale, which means the more time and effort they put in the more they will be paid. For instance, a good tester could earn as much as $50 an hour. However, these highly paid individuals usually do not work full time as they have other obligations outside the video game industry.

The pay also depends on the location of the testing job and the game tester’s locality. However, most companies prefer to hire people from within the country. It is because they believe the quality of the game developed by the game development organization is much better when it is developed from scratch in the mother country. The pay also differs according to the region where the game tester works. For example, South-west Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, and Indonesia offer very attractive salaries as compared to other regions of the world.

The big video game companies hire many game testers to test their products before launching them in the market. As a game tester, you receive the first beta versions of the games after being assigned the job. Once you are through with the testing period you can return to your regular job or take up another profession.

If you are interested in becoming a game tester, you can either pursue formal education or get some practical experience by registering with an online game design institute. You can complete an online degree course in graphic design as well as game programming and begin your career as a game designer. While completing an online degree course you will learn many new techniques and you will also acquire knowledge about the new technologies which are used in creating video games today. In addition to all this, you will also have an opportunity to develop your technical writing skills.

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