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Will You See the Opportunities?

In every downturn, recession, depression – whatever you call or feel it to be, there are those who capture the opportunities that are always present. Are you the next to see it?

Employee Traits That Employers Look For, Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, we listed communications skills, attention to detail and leadership ability as among the important character traits employers are looking for in new hires. In addition to a standard level of expertise in specific fields – programs for programmers, management for managers and so on – today’s employers are looking to hire certain “attitudes and aptitudes” rather than just “resumes and references.”

Sales and Marketing Jobs – The Fastest Path to Corporate Success

The founder and CEO of a well-established group of companies noted that the first and most important rule in sales and marketing is to educate yourself first. That is the primary reason why you go through the long years of education, work hard to earn your sales or marketing degree and prepare yourself to go out to the very competitive sales and marketing world. Many people mistakenly consider sales and marketing as two identical entities.

Passing the Cabin Crew Interview

The cabin crew interview is often feared by many candidates and the one part of the selection process that they do not look forward. However, if you want to become part of the cabin crew team you will need to stand out during the interview stage. For many candidates and the recruitment staff the interview signals the end of the entire selection process.

Career Advice – How to Handle the Stress of Success

Success is not an unalloyed panacea. Success almost always produces stress and pressure of one kind or another. For those who can’t cope with these conditions, success can lead to negative results. This article provides four career tips that will help you in dealing with the stress of job success.

Career Trend Alert – Escapism is Going to Be Hot

Many people think that they can’t advance their careers in a bad economy. As a result, they take the escapism route.

Young Professionals – Can You Handle the Truth? 10 Tips About Careers (That Nobody Ever Tells You)

Yikes! Hey college students and young professionals, the job outlook this year for entry-level positions isn’t looking so good. So, the following tips are for students and recent grads (all 2.5+M of you) who aren’t afraid to hear the hard truth about the American workplace.

This 4-Letter Word is Your Career’s Worst Enemy

There is one thing that holds most job seekers back from making progress – FEAR. This article discusses the science behind how fear hurts your career.

Apartment Manager Positions – The New Way to Save on Living

Having just turned another year older, I have, along with many of you, tried many things to make an extra buck. The other day a friend of mine suggested this new “career”, and I have to admit it has some perks! I looked into it, and here’s what I found: In order to become an apartment manager, you do generally need to take a class. These classes usually cost around $150 and last a couple weeks. Among the things they teach you are how to write ads, what to promote when conducting open houses and what to look for when considering a tenant. You can find these classes at most any community college.

Things You Should Know About the Unemployment Department

So many people feel guilty or ashamed by the need to file for unemployment. They worry that the unemployment department will be judgmental or make them feel as though they’ve done something wrong for simply filing for unemployment benefits. With the advent of so much new technology, the markets are changing dramatically and there is much corporate restructuring.

Job Seekers – Are You on the Road to Nowhere?

Most job seekers act like a hamster on an exercise wheel – they work harder, not smarter. This article explains the importance of the strategic phase of a job search.

Are You Fungible? (Hint – You Don’t Want to Be in Today’s Labor Market!)

Fungible is a term used by IBM to describe a consultant on their staff who is indistinguishable from others. Workers today should be careful to make sure their employer doesn’t view this them way – especially, when layoffs continue to plague the workplace.

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