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How Saying “Thank You” Can Help You Secure Your Next Job

When we reach out to our network of contacts, enlisting their guidance and support, we are attempting to make an emotional connection. Embedded in our request for help is a desire for the other person to empathize with our situation, thus motivating them to want to help us. If we fail to acknowledge that empathy by neglecting to thank them for their effort, the emotional connection is severed.

What’s in Your DNA?

Before you dust off that old resume and pull out the “interviewing suit” that has been hanging in the back of your closet for 3 years, it’s time to recalibrate your market value. Chances are, your job, your company, your responsibilities and even your pay have changed dramatically during the “great recession”, rendering your title and original job description obsolete. So how does one determine her market value with so many new variables to account for? Luckily, it is not as hard as it may seem if you focus on three letters – D.N.A.

The 6 “BE’s” of Interviewing

The interview is an integral part of the recruiting process. An employer is looking not only for the right skill set, but also the “right fit”- someone who fulfills the technical job requirements and meshes with the current staff and company culture. The interview is your opportunity to showcase your skills and personality. It’s also your chance to assess the company and decide if this opportunity will meet your needs. Effective interviewing ultimately hinges on six key components.

Search-Life Balance

In today’s market, when nearly 80% of all jobs are being secured through some type of networking – an employee referral, an introduction by a CPA, or recommendation from an old boss – where does one find the time to tap into this market? As an employed professional, you have a finite amount of time and energy to devote to your stealth job search. Thus, it is imperative that you spend your time wisely, focusing on the activities that are most likely to bring results.

Private Detectives

Private detectives are intriguing characters often colorfully portrayed in fictional accounts on screen and in books. However, the professional investigation trade is a very real career choice for countless millions of people worldwide. In fact, there has never been a better time to get involved in the surveillance, intelligence-gathering and espionage sectors as right now, since demand for quality workers is greater than ever before.

Working From Home – 5 Habits to Avoid

Working from home, whether as a telecommuting employee of a company or as the owner or partner of your own business, definitely has its benefits: from the time saved in not commuting to the office to the lack of interruptions from chatty colleagues in neighboring cubicles. It’s easy, however, to fall into some bad habits that may come back to haunt you. Here are five to avoid:

The Sweet And Sour Of Counseling Degrees Jobs

A counseling degree may help one to secure employment. However, it takes a steady heart and mind to endure hours of listening to people’s problems and giving satisfactory advice.

Choosing Pharmacy Technician Career and Profession

One can excel in the pharmacy technician profession if they acquire sufficient training, trustworthy accreditation, and experience. Almost anyone can acquire entry in to this career if they have a high school diploma and a reputable certificate from an intense training course. Formal training is highly required for finding job in drug stores and several other employers in the medical field.

Filling Out the Project Management Professional (PMP) Application

Many are confused with how to fill out the Project Management Professional application. Going to the project management institutes website is a good start and sometimes confusing at the same time due to the ads on the page which leads readers to believe companies are endorsed by PMI®. Often times this lead to confusion of application submission versus courses designed to help pass the exam advertised on the site. This article hopefully will help with the details of the application and things to bear in mind before starting the process and information needed to go through the process of completing the application.

Why Go for Online Marketing?

Want to know your options on how to make money online? I will just have to name some of them, just as introductory part so you will have a better understanding when you hear the words, online marketing.

Requirements to Become an Engineer

Here are the requirements to becoming an engineer. The field of engineering can be an exciting one. You will meet lots of challenges and lots of analyzing and planning will be required to overcome these challenges.

Matching the History

History matching is one of the important part in Reservoir Engineering. In conducting the task, as an engineer we would need to be very objective on the requirement. We need to ask first:

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