How Much Does ALISHA’S SOUTHERN CREW Make on YouTube

Local Truck Driving Jobs – Being Paid to Be the King of the Road

Do you love driving? Does the feeling of being on the open road excite you? Consider a local truck driving jobs.

How Does One Become a Freelance Writer?

Do you have a talent for writing and want to work from the comfort of your home? Consider being a freelance writer and hit two birds with one stone!

Assessing the Credibility of Professional Certifications

Most professional fields have competing organizations offering certification programs, but the quality and value between these programs can vary widely. Knowing beforehand what practitioners, employers, and the general public think about a specific certification program can greatly reduce your chances of ending up with a worthless credential.

Making a Career Change – The First Steps

Have you been longing to make a career change, but didn’t know where to start? Here are five tips to make your career change doable, not daunting.

Where Can I Find Free CNA Training?

If you’re looking for free CNA training sometimes it can be difficult to find the appropriate schooling in your area, that one, will be free, and two, be accredited by the state. Even though you may find free CNA training, you still want to make sure that the school is accredited and nationally accepted.

Moms Going Back to Work – Advice For Moms Going Back to Work

The decision to go back to work or start work is often met with fear. That should not be the case. Learn the advantages that you possess as you make your decision.

CDL Truck Driver Jobs – Make Your Living on the Road

The idea of pursuing CDL truck driver jobs is appealing to a lot of people, especially during rough patches in their lives, but not everyone is cut out for the open road lifestyle. Before jumping the gun and signing up for trucking companies CDL training courses you should put some serious consideration into whether or not you’re really the trucking type.

Truck Driver Salary – Know What You’re Getting Into Before Taking the Plunge

Big trucks are everywhere on the roadways throughout the nation and behind the wheel of each one is a person who has successfully completed the required training program in order to obtain a licensing to drive. Most of the time a truck driver salary is based on the amount of miles an individual drives and the rate per mile varies depending upon the amount of experience one has, what is being hauled, and the company one is working for as each has its own pay rate.

Event Marketing Jobs – Smart and Motivated People Should Apply

Have you ever looked into event marketing jobs? There’s a few requirements, but if you pass, it’s a great source of employment.

Analyzing a Business Analyst

A very popular term or rather designation used in business circles since recently is Business Analyst (BA). Many people get amazed and some even gaze at you in awe, if you say you are a Business Analyst. If it makes people feel so good about you, then it definitely must be worth being one!

Jump Start Your Green Career With 10 Hot Green Jobs

With the Department of Labor promising $100 million in Energy Training Partnership Grants in 2010, the green job movement is booming. Read on for information on traditional green jobs, as well as newly-developing green jobs in a variety of industries, that will help you jump start your green career.

Career Strategy – Ask For Help!

People who have more luck than others aren’t afraid to ask others for help. While some might think that this is a sign of weakness, it really isn’t. It is a signal of success. Asking people for help in terms of a referral to someone or opening the door for a possible meeting with someone is totally acceptable behavior. Asking others for constructive criticism is another form of requesting help. The same goes for asking for assistance in an area where you are not an expert.

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