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Seven Ways You Can Benefit From Participating in Toastmasters

As a career coach I am often asked to speak to groups about job search skills, personal marketing, networking skills and making a positive first impression. My membership in Toastmasters has reinforced my confidence and refined my preparation techniques enabling me to be a more effective presenter.

Practical Career Change Advice

In today’s economy, more and more people are finding themselves struggling to hold onto their jobs. However, even in a worst case scenario of job loss there still may be a silver lining. If this sounds like the situation that you currently find yourself in then you will benefit greatly from the career change advice we have for you. If you can implement these simple tips, you should be well on your way to finding that dream job.

Work Today, Gone Tomorrow

During these difficult times, retrenchment is a common thing. Many of us are worried about losing our jobs. Job security is a thing of the past.

Economic Recession Have You Dealing With Job Stress?

Is the threat of losing your job giving you stress? Relieve that stress today be creating you own business.

Stay at the Peak

Keep going consistently after reaching your goals Have you been slacking after topping the sales chart last month? Achieving your goal and staying on top are two different things altogether. To stay at the peak, we need inner drive and self motivation to keep it going in career, sports or personal goals.

Get That Exciting Job You Always Wanted

It’s all about getting the right training and experience to stay ahead in the non-professional fields. So what if you are not a doctor, lawyer or accountant? Don’t worry, there are many areas in the non-professional fields which you do well. As long as you are willing to combine your academic qualification and current working experience, sharpen your industry knowledge and relevant skill sets, you can stay ahead in the competitive job market.

The Nontraditional Career – How One Artist Wrote His Own Success Story

A short bio about artist Jason McLean and his nontraditional approach to artwork and life. How his quest to follow his own destiny kept him out of the Boardroom and right in the middle of the pop-art culture.

Find a Job in the Major League Lacrosse, 7 Skills That Are Needed To Work in Sports

Major league Lacrosse First let word out that they were starting in may 1998. They then held there first ever draft on January 13th 2001. A job in major league lacrosse requires a number of different skills.

Developing a Purposeful Vision For Your Career

Do you have a vision for your career? Does this vision really grab you and motivate you to start living this vision. If so then excellent, if not then you may want to look into developing a powerful vision which can help you a live a more fulfilling life. After developing my ideal vision it has transformed my life beyond what I could have ever have imagined…

Executive Compensation Statistics – Understanding the Facts to Switch From a Blue Collar Position

While the economy may be in a slump at the present time there may in fact be a golden lining for those looking to move up to an executive position in the coming future. Thats right! If you have real ambitions on breaking out of the blue collar trap, now may be the best time and hold the best opportunities over the long haul.

Daily Improvements Lead to Large Results

What if you improved on one thing in your life daily? Where might your life be in 1 year, 5 years or 10 years. I venture to guess that your life would be at a level that would be quite compelling to see.

Surviving Your First Six Months in the Caring Services

The first six months in person care services can be very traumatic, particularly as often individuals are moving from the role of student to qualified worker. Here are a few ground rules about how to survive those first few months.

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