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Career Success? Depends on Who You Know

Getting ahead in the world of business is all about connections. Make the right connections and get ahead.

How to Find Meaningful Work After Relocating

One of the common frustrations among trailing spouses and partners is the inability to find meaningful work once you relocate. Especially if you’ve given up a job you love, and are now confronted with days full of nothing to do, the lack of a job can become a source of great distress.

Hot Career – Forensic Accounting

With the increase in white collar crimes in securities fraud, banking and investment misappropriations, comes the increase demand for forensic accountants with strong knowledge of accounting procedures and financial experience coupled with strong analytic and investigative skills. According to U.S. World and News Report, forensic accounting is one of the most secured job opportunities for the future.

Out of Work and in Need of Serious Financial Relief Calls For New Approach

With the economy in such bad shape, it’s no wonder that so many people are turning to the internet for answers about alternative income and ways to make a supplemental income at least until the job market gets back in full swing. The problem is finding real solutions that will actually work and be worth the effort you put into them.

When to Try Other Business Opportunities

The reality remains that if things are not working out, it’s time for you to move on, be it career wise or business. Be open to other opportunities, have a fall back plan because sometimes things may fail to work out as expected.

What Can the Fastest Growing Business in the World Teach Us About Salary Negotiations?

The world economy has entered a period of recession. Many employees are having a hard time negotiating their salaries. There is, however, one business area showing considerable growth – eCommerce. The sales on the Internet is expected to grow about 15 per cent this year!

How to Find Salary Quotes on Culinary Arts Careers

Are you in need of salary quotes on culinary arts careers? If so, this article will address your concerns.

Side Jobs to Help You Through Tough Times

With so many people losing their jobs and unemployment on the rise, many people are looking for ways to make ends meet. Unemployment benefits are only good for a certain period of time and are often not enough for people to get by financially. More and more people are falling behind in their bills and mortgage payments.

Dear College Graduates

I just had a conversation with a friend who said, “Do you know that I was reading something that said ‘recent college graduates’ can’t even get a job at McDonald’s?” My dear friends this really bothers me, so I must say a few things to you…

Tips on Becoming a Plastic Surgeon

If you’ve got an interest in science, medicine as well as art, you may think about becoming a plastic surgeon. All those years of hard work at school will pay off when you end up with an excellent career that pays you well! The ensuing steps describe the process to follow to become a cosmetic surgeon.

Learn How to Tailor Your Resume Objectives

For some job seekers the resume objective can really tell the prospective employer about your intended career path if you are hired. This includes job seekers who have aspirations to advance within the company to more important role and are not just looking to land one particular job and then move on when the time suits you.

Considering a Career As a Massage Therapist?

If you are considering a career as a massage therapist, there are a number of considerations you’ll want to make before you begin your training. The first is the length of time you must devote to training, then the additional training that is necessary to become an expert massage therapist.

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