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Why You Must Avoid the Counterproductive Counteroffer!

Accepting a counteroffer from your current employer can stifle and even threaten your career. I’m not talking about the typical give and take of salary negotiations type of counteroffers. I’m talking about the possible (and even likely) offer of more money (better schedule, fewer hours, etc.) made by your current employer to get you to stay in your current position once you have turned in your notice.

5 Quick Money Making Ideas

Quick money making ideas are all around you. Everyone wants to make money. If people could not make money the world would probably come to a halt. Some of us just want extra money, and some of us are without jobs and need to make money. I will list a few ideas that will help you make some money. Some of them are fairly easy, and some can be a little bit harder.

Once You’ve Landed a Job, Career Management Begins

Once a job seeker lands a job, the tendency is to close up shop on the job search. Particularly if securing the new job was an arduous process, the last thing a new hire wants to consider is additional strategizing when it comes to job search. Better to just hunker down and work the job you’ve just acquired. Right? Wrong! In fact, this strategy is what leaves so many job hunters feeling helpless and hopeless in the event of job loss. The smarter approach is to view any new job as the first step in an ongoing cycle of search, or the search for promotion and advancement or for positioning in case of unexpected circumstances.

NEBOSH: A Perfect Vocational Qualification

NEBOSH is otherwise known as National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health which is actually an examination board of UK. It lays down the syllabuses and various methods to be followed while assessing a specific vocational qualification. It was in 1979 that this body came into existence with an ultimate objective of overseeing examinations being conducted and also had an obligation of awarding qualification certificate.

NEBOSH Courses: Choose It For A Better Job Prospect

There are many who wish to serve their society, at the same time they mostly prefer opting for a job that will give them an opportunity to attain this dream of their life. It is in these eventualities that taking any of the NEBOSH courses can do justice to them. NEBOSH or National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health is popular worldwide. This is an examination board, which is in UK that monitors various examinations conducted in the field of safety, health and environment.

NEBOSH Training: It Can Guarantee You Of A Better Job

Do you often dream of a job that will guarantee with accomplishing your long time dream of serving various categories of this society and will make sure that you get pecuniary benefits as well? If your answer is a loud ‘YES’, in that scenario opting for NEBOSH training will perfectly fit your bill.

How to Become a Healthcare Administrator – A Comprehensive Guide to Help You Follow Your Dreams

This article provides you with a detailed outline on how to become a successful Health Care Administrator. It goes over different key responsibilities, skills, duties, training and other career details that can assist you in achieving a bright future as a Health Care Administrator.

Public Relations Jobs – How to Succeed in Public Relations

‘Public relations’ jobs are touted to be the most difficult jobs in the world partly because of the reason that life at the top is quite different and more because of the reason that you need to be a really good people manager. Yes, it is more about a people manager than anything else that will define your career in a public relations job. Throughout the internet there have been endless queries about how to succeed in jobs to out things in a general perspective.

Lucrative Second Careers

Most people will have more than one career in their lives. The days of starting out fresh faced at a company in your twenties and remaining there until you retire are long gone. It is reasonable, even expected, that many of us will wear different hats at different stages during our working years. Of course the question always arises, how do you move from one profitable enterprise to another without losing ground?

PR Jobs – How to Succeed in PR

In those days when there was a single company producing things, the market was a monopolistic one. Whether the public liked it or not, they had to buy goods and services offered by the concerned authority.

Phantom Job Postings (Why Many Jobs You See Aren’t Real)

Why would recruiters post listings for jobs that don’t exist? Why would companies list job openings, bring in interviewees, go far in the hiring process, and extend offers, only to put positions on hold and sometimes close the positions? In other words, why are there job postings for which there don’t seem to be actual jobs?

Stop Selling Your Job Qualifications Short

Do you see a job description or hear about an upcoming project and immediately hone in on the desired skills that you don’t have? Do you hesitate to raise your hand unless you have 100% of the requirements? There are many jobseekers who don’t apply for the right level job, and many employed professionals who aren’t assertive enough about promoting themselves.

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