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Deciding Whether You Need to Write a Career Plan

In the same way that a Vision Statement helps a company define its goals, a personal Career Plan can help you to solidify your goals and identify the steps you should consider taking in order to reach those goals. Whether a Career Plan would be useful to you is a question only you can properly answer. It can provide solid preparation for that “old standby” interview question of “where you see yourself in five years,” and it can help you sort out the questions or uncertainties in your own mind about what you want from your professional life. If you think that formulating a Career Plan might be a productive use of your time, here are some thoughts to consider as you shape your thoughts.

What Is Networking and Why Should I Do It

Networking is a common term in the IT industry. It can have two meanings – the process of linking computers and other devices together so they can communicate, and the process of meeting and talking to other people to help your IT career. This article is about the latter.

Perks of Green Collar Jobs

Blue and white collar jobs are now welcoming the addition of another hue to the category. Say hello to green collar jobs. Read on to see exactly what perks come with the green industry.

Employee Entrepreneur Mindset – Which One Do You Have?

The economy over the past 5-6 years has been very difficult for many. Many people have had to set outside their comfort zones and change the ways in which they make a living. While necessity can be the creator of greatness, there are many people that are making the change on their own. This simple article asks the reader some simple questions to ensure that they are prepared for making that change to an entrepreneur from an employee position. What do you need to know, what do you need to be prepared for, these are just some of the things that you will need to know before taking the plunge. To understand what fits better with you, employee or entrepreneur starts between your ears an in your heart. What drives you? What motivates you? Starting from there you will be able to determine what path you want to take as your mindset will guide you along the way.

Effective Job Searching Techniques

There is perhaps no single and universal way of doing an effective job search especially with how changes are turning many things upside down. If you would like to increase your chances at successfully landing a job, don’t stick to one method. Rather, understand the different trends and techniques and apply them in your own job search.

Viva La Revolution! The 5 C’s to Recruit, Engage and Retain in a Post Industrial World

Viva La Revolution! The war for talent is over and talent has won. And the companies who don’t recognise this and significantly change the structures and processes they use to hire and retain staff will lose.

What Are Your Limits?

I’ve learned to embrace the word “limit”. A word I never thought I’d like. But here’s the thing. Setting limits – limits that YOU choose – actually makes you more powerful.

Why Should I Conduct a Career Aptitude Test?

Find out why you should conduct a career aptitude test. Know about the multiple benefits or a career assessment or test. And why it’s important to conduct this test for achieving professional success.

Keys to Selecting the Right Uniform Supplier

In a perfect world, any uniform supplier you select would be able to provide you with the best corporate clothing available. The quality, craftsmanship, and tailoring would be excellent, and you would be able to easily locate just the right style to represent your company. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world.

Manage Your Boss: Three Secrets To Being The Exceptional Employee

If you want to get ahead at work you must know how to work exceptionally well with your boss. To do this, you must know three things.

Reinvening Yourself at Fifty

Although society seems to think that reaching the age of fifty means that your life is on a downward slope you don’t have to feel that way. You certainly can and should make positive changes as you get older.

Focus Helps Us Get the Most From Our Purpose in Life

We all have something which helps drive us in our life. Whether it is our career, our family, a leisure activity or a hobby, something within us has caused us to choose it as the thing which drives us. When we’re missing that special something in our life we have the choice to regroup and determine just what it is. And, when we know what it is which we want to be our calling in life, at this particular time in our life, then it is up to us to make the most of it as we define that to be.

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