How Much Does Annabelle la coccinelle Make on YouTube

Car Detailing Business – How to Make More Money Servicing Cars

Specializing in car detailing is an overlooked financial opportunity that requires little overhead and minimal upfront cost. Can it be a small goldmine most people have missed?

Supporting a Loved One in Job Loss and Job Search

Struggling with how to support a loved one in their job search? Not sure what to say? Or what not to say?

How To Get The Best Jobs

As the saying goes, “It’s not who you know, but who knows you.” How does that relate to getting a job? Lets look at 2 cases where “who knows you” resulted in landing the best job.

What Have Values Got To Do With Career Change?

What are your values? How can you use them to guide your career change? Knowing your values is a vital ingredient for career success.

Think You Might Be Next on the Layoff List?

Getting ready for a possible layoff can keep you focused and feeling more in control, instead of feeling panicky and helpless. Here are some must do’s and some definitely don’t do’s.

Staring Down Age Discrimination in Your Job Search

Yes, it exists. Age discrimination is largely based on myths and stereotypes. Here are some tips on what you can you do to lessen the impact of those biases in your search.

Is BBA a Good Course to Go With?

Many students wonder if they should join BBA as a career option. They sometimes feel confused about the career prospects after completing BBA and wish someone could guide them through it. Here are some important points to help you know if BBA is a good course to go with.

Career Trend – Empowering the Poor

Like the stampede of people headed into micro-finance to help the world’s poor, new opportunities are being created in humanitarian work. Like business start-ups that are created in recessions, I predict that we will see more social enterprises and humanitarian start-ups emerge to meet the ever-changing challenges of our time.

Creativity and Innovation

This article is about applying creative innovative thinking at work. Creative thinking is not restricted to artists. Innovative thinking, brainstorming, and inspiring exercises are encouraged and used by businesses and corporations to successfully arrange, generate, and sell products and services.

Becoming a Physician in Medical Uniform

Physicians and surgeons in medical uniforms perform a basic service in our society, and they have an effect upon everyone’s lives. They diagnose illness, and prescribe and administer treatment to people suffering from disease or injury. They examine patients and obtain their medical histories, they order and interpret diagnostic tests and they counsel patients on hygiene, diet, and preventative health care.

Travel Therapy Jobs – Occupational Therapist Travel

 The whole point of choosing a certain career path is to end up doing what you love in a place that feels right. If you are at a point where you are looking to move your career and life in a new direction, then consider occupational therapist travel jobs. OT travel jobs are a great way to see the world all while enjoying what you do!

The Path To Becoming A Physician Assistant

Working within the healthcare field can be personally and financially rewarding. For those who do not wish to attend medical school, becoming a physician assistant is an attractive alternative. The physicians assistant, or PA, practices medicine under the supervision of a doctor. PAs perform diagnostic, preventative healthcare, and therapeutic services delegated by their monitoring physicians.

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